We don’t have to look sick to feel sick 😷

This is something that really gets me, my blog is all about staying fabulous despite the odds against us. Right? So why is it that sometimes this concept is hard for some to grasp? Why doesn’t beauty and cancer go together for so many people? Why can’t disabled people feel beautiful too? And look it as well!

Well I’m here to say we can.

There’s no rules to beauty, we’re all allowed to be beautiful. We don’t have to hear constantly, “but you don’t look sick”! Thank you, but I am. Makeup does wonders. It also makes me feel good about myself, just as it does for you. How do you feel without makeup?

It’s easy to fall into a depression when you have cancer, chronic illness, or even with what’s going on in the world right now. I just find feeling beautiful helps bring me out of that funk, putting on a bit of makeup forces me to get out of bed and do a bit more in the day. Going to a doctors appt with makeup makes me feel more confident and more equal.

Even before I was sick, I loved being glam. That’s who I am. So I’ve wanted to keep that part of myself and remain in control, despite what the cancer is doing to my body, my hair, my skin, my mind…

I decided to do a couple of beauty tutorials to help others be able to feel the same way as I do when I’m feeling up to it, fabulous!

Don’t get me wrong, if I’m honest… 90% of the time I’m part of the no bra club, in PJs, and just loving life as my natural self. Often feeling too horrible to do much more than that. However, when the time is right, and I’m feeling up to it… I love getting glammed up! Changing the way I feel even if just for a couple of hours.

One video is an eye look, and one is a super in depth video highlighting how to do a flawless complexion. You know when you’ve just had it up to here with your skin? And you just wanna feel like…. a million bucks? Well this is how that regimen makes me feel. I hope it helps you, I hope you learn something, but most of all.. I hope you have fun!

I know they’re long, but I find that often tutorials are not realistic. They’re edited to be 20 mins but the look took 2 hours or more in real time. I wanted them to be something you can actually recreate and follow along with.

I hope you try recreating the looks, even if you have a limited makeup supply or are a beginner, it’s step by step and you can adapt to what you have. (Were good at adapting, yes?)

Tag me if you recreate a look! My Instagram is @pheovsfabulous, or you can post it to my Facebook page Pheo VS Fabulous

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Bronze copper Smokey eye:

Flawless complexion all night wear:

Love you all, stay fab 💪🏼✨💕


  1. Love these video tutorials keep them coming I am realy awful at makeup so I am going to try and have a go at following yours I need to re watch and write down what you used as well in which order lol you look fab as always 💞

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