Miranda’s chronically fabulous Christmas 🎅🏻🎄🛍 MUST HAVES

HELLO Fab Fam! I’m so happy you’re here. The holidays are fast approaching, the most wonderful time of year has some challenges for the chronic community.

I’ve compiled my ultra fav items to help inspire YOUR shopping list! I’m only sharing products that have impacted me in a significant way. This way you can be sure to know it’s tried and true, fabulous approved

These items have either brought extreme joy to my heart, solved a problem, reduced pain, improved my wellness, encouraged self love and inspired self care, and OF COURSE – helped me stay ‘fabulous’!

The majority of these are from small businesses and non profits. You will see many have been so generous to offer special savings just for YOU in appreciation of my list!! How cool is that?! 🥹❤️

these are NOT affiliate links, they are a gift to you. all that I do is to raise awareness, inspire hope, and share my story. I hope this helps save time and spoons 🥄 love yewwwww!

1. CBD – in all forms has significantly impacted my life. Introducing pure CBD isolate into my healing efforts has helped reduce pain, even on my worst days. I also add other forms of CBD in combination with the daily oil that I ingest. There are different products based on lifestyle and need 👇🏻

My must haves: CBD pain stick & Sleep complex

Save with special code: BFSPECIAL

There’s even all natural tasty gifts for your fur babies to help anxiety, joint pain and inflammation!

2. My Sensate Vagus Nerve activation calms the brain medulla responsible for stress & anxiety. My sensate takes the guess work out of vagus nerve practice. simply wear the device around your neck, open the app, select a track you’d like, and press start.

It’s amazing for anyone looking for stress and anxiety support. It’s a beautiful way of regulating the nervous system, opening up your window of tolerance.

I wasn’t sure if such a device could work for me. I was shown it can! Anything that can improve my health is a huge win and I will recommend to all!

Exclusive Code: THRIVER to save approx 50$ Canadian! My sensate offered this savings just for this list in time for Christmas. Last I heard there’s 600 left for Xmas or

3. ROUGE red light therapy – another healing gift, from the inside out. Red light therapy heals the cells in our bodies, (I learned a lot about mitochondria this year) lol. Take my word for it, it’s a wonderful way to improve your longterm wellness.

It’s warm and relaxing, it’s great for your skin and anti aging. The benefits are endless, and the nano device I added to my must haves is portable and can go with you anywhere. The unit seen below is a panel, but for this list I included a smaller portable unit here and if you want a larger one – I love this table top version it’s powerful and versatile.

SAVINGS CODE: ‘FABULOUS’ for 50$ off (400 and above)

4. Serenity blanket – give the gift of hope! “With The Serenity Blanket, you can offer a comfort that keeps on giving. Wrap yourself in hope – because no one deserves to be going through hard times” it’s such a gorgeous sentiment and they are designed with love and care.

It has a Sherpa lining and a bright graphic design that is a constant reminder of better times. I love mine and use it daily. When I make my bed in the morning it reminds me I’ve got this!

Jennifer is a small start up with a big vision, supporting her goes a long way. It really is a gift that keeps on giving for years to come. Get yours here

Special code: FABULOUS saves you 10%!

5. BryghtenUp STRENGTH & COURAGE gift set: I’ve talked about this power duo many times. It’s one of the only products I’ve found that’s safe for flare ups.

Below shows how I’m able to heal it within 48 hours with STRENGTH repair balm

This formula is all natural, vegan and cruelty free. It’s woman owned and operated and the founder herself recently had breast cancer – this is when the product was born. Out of necessity.

With mast cell activation disorder, you all know I can’t use any fragrance and only clean ingredients. Feel confident buying this for yourself or a loved one with sensitive skin. Something that actually works

Save when buying as a gift set here – a portion of the sales will be generously donated to pheo para alliance when purchased through this link 🥹 thank you BryghtenUp 🦓

6. full body bath pillow – I struggle with my neck the most lately having a painful movement disorder. Heat is one of the only things that helps, but I’m so uncomfortable in the bath. This is what dreams are made of for sore tailbones!

7. CLOUD SLIPPERS! I got these back in the summer at the height of my chronic foot pain flares. Best decision I ever made, I even got used to the weird look. Apparently they’re trendy 🤷🏼‍♀️ point is, you need 2 pairs, maybe more. I promise!!! Life changer. Doctor cupcakes is wearing them now too!

Canada & US links

8. SUNBEAM HEATING PAD every chronically fabulous babe needs a selection of heat and ice. Like all the kinds, but no matter what I try… the old school sunbeam is always the best. That old school reliability burning hot sensation, yes 🙌🏼

9. COOL GEL HEADBANDS I have recommended these SOOOO many times, and every one of you loves them. They are perfect for migraines, hot flashes, after treatment, flushing, and can be worn on any part of the body. There’s 2 so you can always have one cold. So good and inexpensive too!

US link here

10. Motivational water bottle – This one is spoonie friendly, the popular jug versions are too heavy to lug around. This is 32oz and you fill it up once at the refill mark at 1pm. I have gifted it to many non water drinkers, lol it’s a game changer. we love a hydrated queen! Think: glowing skin glowing skin glowing skin ✨ drink baby drink! US link here

11. BEDSIDE ROLLING TABLE: don’t think of it like a hospital table. Think of this little guy as your best friend. I hated mine, refused to use it for any form of medical purpose. It allowed me to do my makeup in bed, eat, read, write, whatever I needed. Trust me, lean in with love and embrace the versatility

(We even use it for when serge plays hair dresser and creates a mobile salon) lol! VERY versatile. I’ve had it for 7 years and can’t live without it

12. NUTRI BULLET JUICER – if you’re looking to heal all your illnesses with some celery juice – look no further! Ha ha… inside joke 😜 but I’m serious – this is THE only juicer you ever need and it’s 100$

I did extensive research trying to figure out why there’s such a difference in price. Well I still can’t tell you why some are so much more, but I can tell you this one WORKS! It’s a super fab way of getting some healthy fluids AND prevents waste ♻️ Follow along with drcupcakeshealingfoods on Instagram for recipes. US link here

13. Personal ECG: we had a few close calls at home with our hearts. This was recommended to us by our cardiologist to track at home when having an episode. It can detect afib and abnormalities so you can know when to react and seek medical care.

It also stores all of the tests in your phone, so you can send the results to your cardiologist via email. It’s really an amazing little device and had to make the chronically fab Christmas list

14. Tea tree peppermint body wash – this may seem like a weird item but once you try the cooling fresh sensation of tea tree and peppermint in the shower you will thank me! Hehe. The antibacterial tea tree keeps you clean and the organic peppermint makes you smell minty fresh! For US friends: Amazon US


1. NET CANCER x PHEO FAB: for years I saw so many beautiful clothing options for well known cancers and illnesses. I wanted my rare illness to have representation, and still feel vibrant, fun, and FABULOUS! You guessed it.

proceeds go directly to net cancer research *not for profit*

Here are some of my fav items from the pheo fabulous merch line:

Shop here internationally to support NET research and be reminded nothing can take your fab!

PHEO20 to save 20% on your order!

2. Cozy accessories: Christmas isn’t complete without cozy pyjama sets. Am I right? These are my picks, two options for full size range inclusion.

Pennington’s is 🔥 for their cozy accessories and gift ideas. Chunky blanket scarves are on trend and the perfect way to stay cozy indoor or outdoors

3. FIGHT PRETTY WITH ME: my fav non profit that reminds women with cancer of their strength and beauty. These tiny gloves pack a powerful punch, and are literally the perfect gift to hang on the tree OR put under it!

These are my personal must haves that I’m totally crushing on this year for Christmas! Shop these items separately or make it a pretty package below

The perfect gift for any chronically fabulous babes, thrivers, survivors, fashionistas, besties, for all!

Logo rolled sleeve t perfectly soft for lounging, bringing fighting pretty energy to appts, or getting movement in!

stacked bracelet set is perfect for stacking and will jazz up our medical alert bracelets 😜

femme fierce print cause duh! We need that energy all around the house.

stickers make a great stocking stuffer to put reminders everywhere to slay the day and you’ve got this!

Last but not least: the famous zebra gloves! 👯‍♀️ twins!

Get ALL of these items for a limited time with my special code MIRANDA20 – add at checkout and don’t forget to click ‘make it a pretty package’!

4. Blinks n Brows ID KIT: the only brow tool you’ll ever need to get PER-FECT brows every.single.time

An all in one kit to powder shade your brows, customize the shade, shape, all with the help of the brow ID tool.

“Although I designed our ID Brow tool to help women create an eyebrow due to chemotherapy, we quickly realised that all women can use ID Brows to have great eyebrows!” – each purchase supports look good feel better charities

7. LOA NAILS: the world’s first non toxic press on nails!!! So proud to share this fabulous woman owned small bizz all the way from Switzerland!

These are not your drug store press ons, they last weeks but can be safely removed anytime. A great option for my spoonie friends who want the fab without the time and pain of sitting at the salon.

Styles shown below: ‘ I like it haute’ready for frosé’ and my go to: ‘rainbow on my hands’

Use code FABULOUS at checkout to save 20%!!! 🤭😍 excludes bundles which are already 15% off

8. HUMBLE: if you knew how many clean deodorants I bought and tested to share this with you 😅 we all have different body chemistry and needs. My struggle is finding a deodorant I could confidently use without fragrance

Humble brands was the first unscented natural brand that I felt confident wearing. I can sweat through pheo episodes and adrenaline stress sweats. It’s gentle AND I discovered I can also safely use their ‘scented’ options, the rosemary mint is my new obsession OH MY GOODNESS!!! It’s too good

Grab a couple for the stockings, they are also generously offering an exclusive 20% off!! 🤭 use code FABULOUS20 at checkout on the humble website

You can find plastic free packaging here

For Canadian 🇨🇦 friends like me: shop at Humble’s partner store ‘the eco den’ by clicking here the eco den is a small eco friendly boutique in Ontario

9. BEYOND SCRUNCHIES: protect your hair, they look so cute, can be worn as an accessory on the wrist, I’m obsessed. But did you know I only wear ONE brand of Scrunchies? I’m loyal af what can I say 😏

Each one of Chanel’s scrunchies are handmade with luxury quality & packaging. THEY👏🏼ARE👏🏼IT! Her viral wet collection towel scrunchies are a must have, and she’s recently expanded her collection to sleep essentials like silk pillowcases, headbands and bonnets.

Warning ⚠️ you WILL become obsessed

I could name ALL the scrunchies I love… OR I can share the most fab Xmas gift all wrapped in one beautiful box with all the best goodies!

The holiday box is what dreams are made of

10. FROWNIES: I think this is my most asked about product I’ve shared this year 😂 the #1 question – what are they? and #2 “do they work??”

Frownies are a water activated wrinkle patch that have been around for over 100 years. There is no active ingredient in the patch, it’s literally working as a splint to retrain the facial muscles! Frownies work to smooth out deep expression lines.

Although the facial patches are the oldest best kept secret, I’ve experimented with their other skin care products as well. It’s difficult to find safe effective skincare – which is why FROWNIES made my must have list. They check all the boxes and it’s been so fun incorporating this into my self-care routine. It’s also created a nighttime date ritual between myself and Serge! (Dr cupcakes)

11. One love bath: this gorgeous soul Kate is the owner behind one love bath. I speak of her first because her kindness and compassion runs deep into each one of her hand made products. She’s become a good friend and I can assure you this is the most beautiful handcrafted gift.

If you’re fragrance sensitive like me, I recommend ‘soothe’ which is enriched with real oatmeal, aloe and Cbd. It’s exactly how it sounds, ultra soothing.

All of her products are handmade natural and wonderful, take a look at the full selection here.

12. Moonset candles: free of toxic ingredients, cruelty free, and eco friendly. The most beautiful unscented clean burning candle for my MCAS/MCAD friends. They also have sassy labels!

Each candle is hand-poured in small batches on Vancouver Island

13. Laneige sleep mask – oh.my.goodness, this is talked about so much for a reason. It’s perfect. It smells and tastes amazing. I never knew my lips needed a mask until I received this last year for christmas. Fabulous approved! 💫 fav flavour: sweet candy at Sephora


Artist friends

1. Tracie Joyner art: owning a tracie Joyner original is a true honour. Her art is reflective of her love of life and of course #inspiredbytrevis

Tracie does many different types of art including alcohol inks, fluid art, photography, collage, mirrors, custom lighting, and so much more. I was so lucky to get a custom pink sparkly commissioned set to make my bedroom feel like home. Shown below

Tracie is passionate about doing custom pieces, just send her a message on Instagram. Shop her Etsy store – enter MIRANDA30 to save a generous 30% until dec 24th! or visit this link and it will apply the discount automatically

2. Blue roof arts: you will instantly fall in love with Judy’s designs. She will adapt to your style to create something so magical.

The possibilities are endless for Christmas gifts! Whether you love jewellery, keychains, trinket trays, ornaments. Contact Judy through Instagram or email glassmates9600@aol.com


If you’re sad it’s over, don’t be! I’ll be going LIVE on Instagram to give an exclusive look at all the must haves!! Make sure you’re following. We can chat, I’ll be so happy to make recommendations and answer any questions. I’ve gotchu!

The savings codes will be available leading up to Christmas, take advantage and treat yourself! 💋

I’d really love to hear which of these products are going on your Christmas wish list – I love when you tag me it brightens my day 💫

Nothing brings me more joy than helping bring relief, information, and empowerment to my fab fam!

Connect with me on Instagram & tiktok


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