MEDICAL Protocols/Resume 🤍

Hi friends! As many of you know I just updated my medical binder, I call it my medical resume.

I made a brief video below about what it looks like & how to put it together easily ↘️

I have a paper that clearly states my name, my medical conditions, my medication lists, allergies, treatments I’ve done, surgery.

It also explains how I react in an attack, what to do, and when to be worried.

It explains my normal vitals, and red flag symptoms ↘️

I then reference the numerous emergency protocols that you will see linked below for your own binders.

All of these emergency protocols took me years to gather, so I truly hope this will save you precious energy, spoons, and cortisol 🤭

None of these are pheochromocytoma specific, but most of us have similar co-morbidities that are just as important and often more dangerous. There is no protocol for a pheochromocytoma attack. It’s also pretty individual believe it or not. I think I’ll have to work on getting a formal one done. One step at a time!

These are all written by my world renowned rare tumor specialist endocrinologist, or the mast cell society.

(Make sure to get YOUR doctor to sign or stamp them)

They are real medical documents that I rely on and can share worldwide. Please review them and see which ones suit your situation, and then add to your medical dossier.

I use a little file folder, and keep these essentials with me at all times.

These documents are specific to those who have adrenal insufficiency and mast cell disease.

Let me know in the comments what else would be helpful! 🤍

Pheo VS Fabulous

For the full detailed versions, please let me know if you’d like to see them here.

Or you can also checkout my Instagram @ pheovsfabulous or facebook ‘Pheo VS Fabulous’

I hope this helped! Stay safe!! 🤍🙏🏼