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Sharing one of the most intimate parts of my life with the all of you, I think we should get to know each other a little bit better, don’t you?

1) I am the most fabulous person I have ever met

The end

My name is Miranda, I am twenty-four years old (I’m actually now 26, where did the time go?!) – You know when people say “you are an old soul” Well, I hear that quite often. Cancer tends to do that to you, who says I wanted my soul to age? Asshole. Yes, that’s right. I have a pheochromocytoma that has metastasized. We will go more in detail about that in my other pages.

I am happily head over heels adorably in love with my husband, his name is Serge and he is quite frankly THE husband that you want to steal but can’t because we just too darn cute together #lifegoals. When people say “I don’t know what I would do without him/her” I LITERALLY don’t know what I would do without him, he is a real life super hero.. and keeps me alive, well him and my amazing doctors 🙂

I want to spread my positivity around to as many people as possible, I believe everyone has a little sparkle in them and should let it shine 🌟💛

I have a passion for beautiful food, I am a total foodie!

If I could have everything pink, and hibernate in Mexico forever.. I would 😏

I am and always will be a total barbie glam girly girl, this is actually why this blog was born. When I became ill I started to realize how much work actually went into being ‘fabulous’! It’s amazing how your life takes a total overhaul, and you start to realize how many things you took for granted. The simplest things become the most difficult tasks; bathing, dressing, walking, breathing! (lol) I’m not kidding! Not to mention.. exfoliating, moisturizing, priming, concealing, applying makeup, blow drying, straightening, styling ( I can go on and on and on!) and this is in one sitting. It is literally when getting ready I would realize how un-well I felt at first, and it bothered me to no end because I didn’t want this disease to take the one thing that I felt I could control: my fabulous!

Cancer is like your asshole blowdryer that all of a sudden blows up while your hair is still wet right before your incredibly important meeting – it’s the life sucking ruiner that strikes at what seems like the most imperfect moment, to rob you of your fabulous.

(Obviously I deal with things through sarcasm and humor)

Okay by now you might be saying.. You have cancer but you care about your hair and make up… It’s symbolic people! Staying fabulous is honestly the only thing that is in my control. It may sound ridiculous to others, but I am a total Barbie in real life, so holding on to that during my sickness is like a symbolic f*** you to the disease that is taking over my life. So this is how my blog name was conceived, pheo VS fabulous. My way of expressing my ‘terminal’ illness may be different than some, but it’s my blog so kindly read and embrace the fab or click off. #sorrynotsorry

My blog is to educate whoever will read it about the disease that I am fighting, malignant pheochromocytoma. That’s right, I have pheochromocytoma AND cancer. W T F

Who says we can’t have a little fun while doing it?

It’s to spread awareness about a disease that is lethal but is so rare and so under researched/funded, my hope is that more and more people can even just recognize the name when they see it. Hopefully in the meantime they will find a way for it not to be a death sentence for people like me one day.

As much as this blog is to educate and spread the awareness, it is an outlet to share my personal journey. Sometimes funny, full of attitude, maybe a bit of dark, whatever it is.. we will experience it together.

Maybe you also have pheo, maybe you have another form of cancer, maybe you know someone who does, or perhaps  you take care of someone who really needs you.

My hope is that you don’t feel alone, confused, and scared. Hopefully my blog acts as a resource for you and you can skip ahead all of the unknown phase like most of us pheo zebras had to experience.

So …. Are you ready to witness the greatest battle of all time?

Pheo VS Fabulous


  1. Hi Miranda. I wanted to take one minute to thank you for this blog. You changed my life, gave me hope. I have been sick for more than a year, having painful and exhausting crisis, and doctors could not find what was wrong with me. All that changed when I found your blog by pure coincidence doing some research. Because of you and this beautiful blog, I requested testing and here we go, I do have pheo. SO THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I an sending you a virtual hug. You may have save my life with your blog. I really wish a miracle for you. Thank you again. Valérie from Ste-Julie, Qc.

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    • Valérie, first off – I want to say sorry that you have received the awful news of knowing you have pheochromocytoma, but I also know how amazing it feels so FINALLY know what’s wrong with your body and soon be freed from such awful symptoms. (Especially someone in my own province! 💙) So, I won’t say sorry, I’m going to say…. I’m sorry you have to go through all of this, and I sincerely hope you have an incredible team of doctors to help you through it, and hope this will be behind you as quickly as possible!

      THANK YOU for validating all of the impact I have been trying to make with this blog, all of the awareness ive been trying to create for incredible people just like YOU, and THANK YOU for listening! 💖 I can’t even share with you how happy you’ve just made me, although happiness doesn’t sum it up – it can try and describe my feelings right now towards your being diagnosed. Which was my ultimate end goal when setting out to make this impact through this unfortunate circumstance.

      Please keep sharing my message, spreading the awareness, and teaching others about what this disease is. We WILL slowly become less rare, and not have to suffer so long.

      Sometimes the miracles are not what we expect, but they do happen all around us.

      💛 – Miranda


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