Pheo VS Fabulous – Welcome!

Pheo VS Fabulous – Welcome!


“Fabulous is your light, your smile, your energy, your positivity, your willfulness, your vitality, passion, excitement, beauty, laugh, and how you share it!” – Pheo VS Fabulous

My mission statement for this journey was to stay fabulous, never let it take this disease that away from me, and to find the good in every situation. Well, I can lose many pieces of me before anyone takes my ‘Fabulous’. 

Hello my fabulous friends,

This is my very first post, my first time writing a blog, and my first time speaking freely about my personal journey with pheochromocytoma cancer…. and staying fabulous while doing it!

Pheo VS Fabulous was born from the promise that I would never let this disease take away the one thing I could control, and I’ve labeled that my fabulous. When I became ill I realized how much we take for granted, and it started with how day to day tasks are so challenging when you’re battling an illness like pheochromocytoma cancer, that’s when I decided I wouldn’t let it that away from me. It’s more than just looking a certain way, it’s about BEING fabulous, strong, and positive when you have every reason not to be.

The danger of something being so rare is that it goes undetected, unrecognized, and is one of the most misdiagnosed conditions. Leaving many of us undiagnosed, and looking for answers.

If you’re reading this, you might still be looking for some…

My goal is through sharing my vulnerabilities with all of you, finding the courage to share something so painfully personal, someone else may have less of a challenge in the future of being diagnosed, treated, and living with this disease, #pheochromocytoma – or any other ‘neuroendocrine cancers. #netcancer  #raredisease

The idea is that the more I share, the more information there will be available for a disease where this is so much lacking. Every procedure, every test, every treatment I suffer through – I will continue to share my experiences so that others don’t have to keep grasping for answers like I did.

Although there is so much to cover… first off, pheo-chromo-cy-whatta?! We will get there darlings, I just want to say…

This blog is meant for awareness:

Awareness for a disease that only a handful of people in this massive universe know about, probably only because they were diagnosed

Awareness for a disease that affects only 1 in 1million people

and once it’s metastatic? 1 in 4.3 million

– Lucky us! 😉

Awareness for a disease that I am fighting everyday, that most people cannot even pronounce

I wish to share my journey, even the uncensored version, with all of you.

Even though I am absolutely fabulous (duh)… what I’m up against sure isn’t!

I will continue to fight this rare cancer, keep sharing my message on behalf of my fellow zebras, and no matter what happens I am going to stay absolutely fabulous while doing it!

pheo VS fabulous

Along with new and updated blog posts, you can find more permanent information in the ‘Menu’ drop down 

Stay tuned…

I encourage anyone who wants to support me by using the following hashtags in spreading awareness

#pheovsfabulous #pheochromocytoma #mirandastrong

Instagram: mirandasimard

Facebook: Miranda Simard

Unanswered Questions and a Mammogram?

Unanswered Questions and a Mammogram?

Last oncology visit of the year

I count appointments, small wins, month to month, day by day, because there’s no line we cross or distinguishing number that says we’re ‘done’.

This was originally our 2nd last appt of the year (5 of 6) but on the long ride there – rheumatology called and booked me in on the 20th 😆

so much for a finish line

But here are some pretty big numbers I was reminded of today…

While crying in disbelief with the nurses that saw me today, hand in hand we reminisced over all those numbers that led me here

Two 10+ hour surgeries

3 minutes flat lined

Over 900 days straight of non stop treatments

11 months radio silence – can’t read write speak

12 weeks admitted on the palliative care floor

1 nurse to suspect the medication was the problem

November 2018 – I got my voice back

3 months painful rapid detox that saved my life

NYE 2019 – I wished to celebrate the new year in a gown, in a castle, in the arms of my husband, out of the hospital. Like many others, I got my wish. That was the first of the miracles, we danced the night away with swollen legs, a traumatized body and mind, and a grateful heart.

So much happened from there to here, like the time we sold our house liquidating our life savings and retirement to move me close to the hospital that saved me. Having just been told I’d had a year or less to live and not knowing if that still applied. Being too afraid to ask, life came alive. We figured if I wouldn’t make it to retirement… we would enjoy it while I’m alive to do so. We simulated retirement living at 26 thinking I’d die, so I might as well die fabulously.

Through random Tuesday high tea and pedicures, spontaneous zoo visits, Monday amusement park adventures, spa days, a dream accessible building with a door man and secure feeling, access to all the physio I needed to learn to walk again. Daily swims, walks by the water, in awe and confusion of what would happen. 1 year and a lot of credit card debt later, I even got to swim with dolphins and be proposed to all over again. Life became a dream and a blur – but not in the way I’d been used to. We were just having so much fun not knowing, we embraced the craziness of it all – acting like the rest was nothing but a nightmare. We created our own reality, and in our world – dying wasn’t welcome

It was a fun distraction to just be reckless and not have a care in the world, but we had to face reality.

2019 was an entire year of rebuilding strength, my body and mind. Swimming, rehab, physio, walking, continuous small steps to make sense of something we still didn’t fully understand.

What caused me to almost die?

Yes I have a terminal illness, I have cancer, the tumors are angry adrenaline firing assholes. We get that. But that wasn’t it anymore, we kept being told it didn’t match the symptoms. I knew deep down there was something being missed. It wasn’t the cause of whatever this was

We knew the medication I was being given was shutting my body down, opioids specifically. The very medication I was being given every hour on the hour to try to relieve my pain.

The medication that took my breath away, made my skin peel off my body from the flushing, the medication that instead of relieving pain – caused more.

But why?

First, you can’t take opioid medications with the type of tumors I have – pheochromocytomas are actively secreting tumors. When given these meds, the pain medication creates a similar chemical response in the body. It makes an adrenaline storm

Second, but most importantly – I had an undiagnosed rare condition secondary to the cancer called mast cell activation syndrome or disorder. This explained it all. It put all the final pieces together.

I fought hard and long to figure it all out, with the endless care of my husband, and the guidance of a friend brave enough to speak up to let us know.

The last 2 years I’ve spent eliminating trigger foods from my diet, medications, fragrances, activities, etc. I have implemented numerous routines to heal my nervous system. I am in continuous healing mode, this is why. I’ve had to make peace with the anger, the guilt, the grief. I can’t live in anger that I suffered unnecessarily- I chose to heal.

So I could tell my story from an empowered place

When I’m asked, “what did you do different?” or “what was the major contributing factor to your turn around?” I wish there was one thing I could share to help others… but we are all different, and it’s often not just one thing. It’s a string of events and multiple small efforts that add up to make big impacts.

I’ve done a lot of reflecting, trauma therapy, meditation, inner work, heart work, self growth… and I keep asking “what saved me”

I realize now, it doesn’t matter.

I wanted a neatly tied box with a clear answer inside because I’m type A and need to be in control, I have to help others through my pain, it has to make sense. It can’t be for nothing. I can’t let this happen to anyone else.

But whether or not I have the exact answer, I’ve gotten a miracle. I’m here on this earth and my words help others every day. My experience helps others navigate their own much smoother because I have my voice back. My blog will always live as the words I desperately needed to hear when I was suffering. It’s not for nothing, it’s so much bigger than I can ever realize.

My eyes are open and I see it every day in the comments, the messages, the questions, the stories of how you were diagnosed because of me. Through your time saved looking for your why, I can accept mine. All the times I’ve heard that “because of me” you have answers. “Because of me” you were able to advocate for yourself and feel empowered, my why is loud and clear. The answers are there, in all of you.

I have and will continue to share what I know on a regular basis. All the info I learn, you learn.

My miracle is our miracle

It doesn’t matter why, what matters is all the days and time and pain that delivered me to this very moment. Walking into the cancer centre today, using my voice to thank those who never gave up on me. Crying and laughing together in disbelief

I came and left holding the hand of the person who fought harder than anyone for me, who didn’t let anyone give up on me or say no, who kept me alive himself with a home breathing machine, doctor cupcakes himself. You were my voice when I didn’t have one, and you kept life ‘normal’ through all the chaos. You were my miracle all along

As always, I had no idea what would come out of my body when I began writing today. I thought I’d do a brief update and year end health summary…

But for now, all I have to say is this:

I didn’t finish the year with all my questions answered. I still have new mystery symptoms, breast lumps, a thyroid cancer scare, pains and spasms. We still have a ways to go, an urgent mammogram ultrasound and CT to start the year.

If we hadn’t lived through what I just described, I’d be losing my shit having to wait that long.

Today when I filled my oncologist in on the breast lumps found and the urgent mammo request that hasn’t been followed up with – he arranged to have a scan first thing in January.

For now, I feel at peace with everything that’s led me here. I am calm, grateful, and feel in control.

I feel heard, loved, curious, powerful, and excited.

I could be upset about the new year starting with another test, another medical mystery, another scare. But I choose to trust I’ve done all that I can do, embracing the unknown.

I can’t think of a more powerful way to finish the year, stable, and leaning into this new found glory.

It took a while to get here, Thank you for believing and making space for me to heal against all odds. Let’s finish the year strong, what do you say we do something really crazy?

Let’s just be normal for a while, k? I’m not going anywhere, I promise. We can chill on the helicopters for a bit. Here’s to a…normal-ish year

Well, a fabulous normal! 😉💖

Love you all, drop a question, tell your story, join me on Instagram and tiktok. Stay connected and most importantly stay fab

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Miranda’s chronically fabulous Christmas 🎅🏻🎄🛍 MUST HAVES

Miranda’s chronically fabulous Christmas 🎅🏻🎄🛍 MUST HAVES

HELLO Fab Fam! I’m so happy you’re here. The holidays are fast approaching, the most wonderful time of year has some challenges for the chronic community.

I’ve compiled my ultra fav items to help inspire YOUR shopping list! I’m only sharing products that have impacted me in a significant way. This way you can be sure to know it’s tried and true, fabulous approved

These items have either brought extreme joy to my heart, solved a problem, reduced pain, improved my wellness, encouraged self love and inspired self care, and OF COURSE – helped me stay ‘fabulous’!

The majority of these are from small businesses and non profits. You will see many have been so generous to offer special savings just for YOU in appreciation of my list!! How cool is that?! 🥹❤️

these are NOT affiliate links, they are a gift to you. all that I do is to raise awareness, inspire hope, and share my story. I hope this helps save time and spoons 🥄 love yewwwww!

1. CBD – in all forms has significantly impacted my life. Introducing pure CBD isolate into my healing efforts has helped reduce pain, even on my worst days. I also add other forms of CBD in combination with the daily oil that I ingest. There are different products based on lifestyle and need 👇🏻

My must haves: CBD pain stick & Sleep complex

Save with special code: BFSPECIAL

There’s even all natural tasty gifts for your fur babies to help anxiety, joint pain and inflammation!

2. My Sensate Vagus Nerve activation calms the brain medulla responsible for stress & anxiety. My sensate takes the guess work out of vagus nerve practice. simply wear the device around your neck, open the app, select a track you’d like, and press start.

It’s amazing for anyone looking for stress and anxiety support. It’s a beautiful way of regulating the nervous system, opening up your window of tolerance.

I wasn’t sure if such a device could work for me. I was shown it can! Anything that can improve my health is a huge win and I will recommend to all!

Exclusive Code: THRIVER to save approx 50$ Canadian! My sensate offered this savings just for this list in time for Christmas. Last I heard there’s 600 left for Xmas or

3. ROUGE red light therapy – another healing gift, from the inside out. Red light therapy heals the cells in our bodies, (I learned a lot about mitochondria this year) lol. Take my word for it, it’s a wonderful way to improve your longterm wellness.

It’s warm and relaxing, it’s great for your skin and anti aging. The benefits are endless, and the nano device I added to my must haves is portable and can go with you anywhere. The unit seen below is a panel, but for this list I included a smaller portable unit here and if you want a larger one – I love this table top version it’s powerful and versatile.

SAVINGS CODE: ‘FABULOUS’ for 50$ off (400 and above)

4. Serenity blanket – give the gift of hope! “With The Serenity Blanket, you can offer a comfort that keeps on giving. Wrap yourself in hope – because no one deserves to be going through hard times” it’s such a gorgeous sentiment and they are designed with love and care.

It has a Sherpa lining and a bright graphic design that is a constant reminder of better times. I love mine and use it daily. When I make my bed in the morning it reminds me I’ve got this!

Jennifer is a small start up with a big vision, supporting her goes a long way. It really is a gift that keeps on giving for years to come. Get yours here

Special code: FABULOUS saves you 10%!

5. BryghtenUp STRENGTH & COURAGE gift set: I’ve talked about this power duo many times. It’s one of the only products I’ve found that’s safe for flare ups.

Below shows how I’m able to heal it within 48 hours with STRENGTH repair balm

This formula is all natural, vegan and cruelty free. It’s woman owned and operated and the founder herself recently had breast cancer – this is when the product was born. Out of necessity.

With mast cell activation disorder, you all know I can’t use any fragrance and only clean ingredients. Feel confident buying this for yourself or a loved one with sensitive skin. Something that actually works

Save when buying as a gift set here – a portion of the sales will be generously donated to pheo para alliance when purchased through this link 🥹 thank you BryghtenUp 🦓

6. full body bath pillow – I struggle with my neck the most lately having a painful movement disorder. Heat is one of the only things that helps, but I’m so uncomfortable in the bath. This is what dreams are made of for sore tailbones!

7. CLOUD SLIPPERS! I got these back in the summer at the height of my chronic foot pain flares. Best decision I ever made, I even got used to the weird look. Apparently they’re trendy 🤷🏼‍♀️ point is, you need 2 pairs, maybe more. I promise!!! Life changer. Doctor cupcakes is wearing them now too!

Canada & US links

8. SUNBEAM HEATING PAD every chronically fabulous babe needs a selection of heat and ice. Like all the kinds, but no matter what I try… the old school sunbeam is always the best. That old school reliability burning hot sensation, yes 🙌🏼

9. COOL GEL HEADBANDS I have recommended these SOOOO many times, and every one of you loves them. They are perfect for migraines, hot flashes, after treatment, flushing, and can be worn on any part of the body. There’s 2 so you can always have one cold. So good and inexpensive too!

US link here

10. Motivational water bottle – This one is spoonie friendly, the popular jug versions are too heavy to lug around. This is 32oz and you fill it up once at the refill mark at 1pm. I have gifted it to many non water drinkers, lol it’s a game changer. we love a hydrated queen! Think: glowing skin glowing skin glowing skin ✨ drink baby drink! US link here

11. BEDSIDE ROLLING TABLE: don’t think of it like a hospital table. Think of this little guy as your best friend. I hated mine, refused to use it for any form of medical purpose. It allowed me to do my makeup in bed, eat, read, write, whatever I needed. Trust me, lean in with love and embrace the versatility

(We even use it for when serge plays hair dresser and creates a mobile salon) lol! VERY versatile. I’ve had it for 7 years and can’t live without it

12. NUTRI BULLET JUICER – if you’re looking to heal all your illnesses with some celery juice – look no further! Ha ha… inside joke 😜 but I’m serious – this is THE only juicer you ever need and it’s 100$

I did extensive research trying to figure out why there’s such a difference in price. Well I still can’t tell you why some are so much more, but I can tell you this one WORKS! It’s a super fab way of getting some healthy fluids AND prevents waste ♻️ Follow along with drcupcakeshealingfoods on Instagram for recipes. US link here

13. Personal ECG: we had a few close calls at home with our hearts. This was recommended to us by our cardiologist to track at home when having an episode. It can detect afib and abnormalities so you can know when to react and seek medical care.

It also stores all of the tests in your phone, so you can send the results to your cardiologist via email. It’s really an amazing little device and had to make the chronically fab Christmas list

14. Tea tree peppermint body wash – this may seem like a weird item but once you try the cooling fresh sensation of tea tree and peppermint in the shower you will thank me! Hehe. The antibacterial tea tree keeps you clean and the organic peppermint makes you smell minty fresh! For US friends: Amazon US


1. NET CANCER x PHEO FAB: for years I saw so many beautiful clothing options for well known cancers and illnesses. I wanted my rare illness to have representation, and still feel vibrant, fun, and FABULOUS! You guessed it.

proceeds go directly to net cancer research *not for profit*

Here are some of my fav items from the pheo fabulous merch line:

Shop here internationally to support NET research and be reminded nothing can take your fab!

PHEO20 to save 20% on your order!

2. Cozy accessories: Christmas isn’t complete without cozy pyjama sets. Am I right? These are my picks, two options for full size range inclusion.

Pennington’s is 🔥 for their cozy accessories and gift ideas. Chunky blanket scarves are on trend and the perfect way to stay cozy indoor or outdoors

3. FIGHT PRETTY WITH ME: my fav non profit that reminds women with cancer of their strength and beauty. These tiny gloves pack a powerful punch, and are literally the perfect gift to hang on the tree OR put under it!

These are my personal must haves that I’m totally crushing on this year for Christmas! Shop these items separately or make it a pretty package below

The perfect gift for any chronically fabulous babes, thrivers, survivors, fashionistas, besties, for all!

Logo rolled sleeve t perfectly soft for lounging, bringing fighting pretty energy to appts, or getting movement in!

stacked bracelet set is perfect for stacking and will jazz up our medical alert bracelets 😜

femme fierce print cause duh! We need that energy all around the house.

stickers make a great stocking stuffer to put reminders everywhere to slay the day and you’ve got this!

Last but not least: the famous zebra gloves! 👯‍♀️ twins!

Get ALL of these items for a limited time with my special code MIRANDA20 – add at checkout and don’t forget to click ‘make it a pretty package’!

4. Blinks n Brows ID KIT: the only brow tool you’ll ever need to get PER-FECT brows every.single.time

An all in one kit to powder shade your brows, customize the shade, shape, all with the help of the brow ID tool.

“Although I designed our ID Brow tool to help women create an eyebrow due to chemotherapy, we quickly realised that all women can use ID Brows to have great eyebrows!” – each purchase supports look good feel better charities

7. LOA NAILS: the world’s first non toxic press on nails!!! So proud to share this fabulous woman owned small bizz all the way from Switzerland!

These are not your drug store press ons, they last weeks but can be safely removed anytime. A great option for my spoonie friends who want the fab without the time and pain of sitting at the salon.

Styles shown below: ‘ I like it haute’ready for frosé’ and my go to: ‘rainbow on my hands’

Use code FABULOUS at checkout to save 20%!!! 🤭😍 excludes bundles which are already 15% off

8. HUMBLE: if you knew how many clean deodorants I bought and tested to share this with you 😅 we all have different body chemistry and needs. My struggle is finding a deodorant I could confidently use without fragrance

Humble brands was the first unscented natural brand that I felt confident wearing. I can sweat through pheo episodes and adrenaline stress sweats. It’s gentle AND I discovered I can also safely use their ‘scented’ options, the rosemary mint is my new obsession OH MY GOODNESS!!! It’s too good

Grab a couple for the stockings, they are also generously offering an exclusive 20% off!! 🤭 use code FABULOUS20 at checkout on the humble website

You can find plastic free packaging here

For Canadian 🇨🇦 friends like me: shop at Humble’s partner store ‘the eco den’ by clicking here the eco den is a small eco friendly boutique in Ontario

9. BEYOND SCRUNCHIES: protect your hair, they look so cute, can be worn as an accessory on the wrist, I’m obsessed. But did you know I only wear ONE brand of Scrunchies? I’m loyal af what can I say 😏

Each one of Chanel’s scrunchies are handmade with luxury quality & packaging. THEY👏🏼ARE👏🏼IT! Her viral wet collection towel scrunchies are a must have, and she’s recently expanded her collection to sleep essentials like silk pillowcases, headbands and bonnets.

Warning ⚠️ you WILL become obsessed

I could name ALL the scrunchies I love… OR I can share the most fab Xmas gift all wrapped in one beautiful box with all the best goodies!

The holiday box is what dreams are made of

10. FROWNIES: I think this is my most asked about product I’ve shared this year 😂 the #1 question – what are they? and #2 “do they work??”

Frownies are a water activated wrinkle patch that have been around for over 100 years. There is no active ingredient in the patch, it’s literally working as a splint to retrain the facial muscles! Frownies work to smooth out deep expression lines.

Although the facial patches are the oldest best kept secret, I’ve experimented with their other skin care products as well. It’s difficult to find safe effective skincare – which is why FROWNIES made my must have list. They check all the boxes and it’s been so fun incorporating this into my self-care routine. It’s also created a nighttime date ritual between myself and Serge! (Dr cupcakes)

11. One love bath: this gorgeous soul Kate is the owner behind one love bath. I speak of her first because her kindness and compassion runs deep into each one of her hand made products. She’s become a good friend and I can assure you this is the most beautiful handcrafted gift.

If you’re fragrance sensitive like me, I recommend ‘soothe’ which is enriched with real oatmeal, aloe and Cbd. It’s exactly how it sounds, ultra soothing.

All of her products are handmade natural and wonderful, take a look at the full selection here.

12. Moonset candles: free of toxic ingredients, cruelty free, and eco friendly. The most beautiful unscented clean burning candle for my MCAS/MCAD friends. They also have sassy labels!

Each candle is hand-poured in small batches on Vancouver Island

13. Laneige sleep mask –, this is talked about so much for a reason. It’s perfect. It smells and tastes amazing. I never knew my lips needed a mask until I received this last year for christmas. Fabulous approved! 💫 fav flavour: sweet candy at Sephora


Artist friends

1. Tracie Joyner art: owning a tracie Joyner original is a true honour. Her art is reflective of her love of life and of course #inspiredbytrevis

Tracie does many different types of art including alcohol inks, fluid art, photography, collage, mirrors, custom lighting, and so much more. I was so lucky to get a custom pink sparkly commissioned set to make my bedroom feel like home. Shown below

Tracie is passionate about doing custom pieces, just send her a message on Instagram. Shop her Etsy store – enter MIRANDA30 to save a generous 30% until dec 24th! or visit this link and it will apply the discount automatically

2. Blue roof arts: you will instantly fall in love with Judy’s designs. She will adapt to your style to create something so magical.

The possibilities are endless for Christmas gifts! Whether you love jewellery, keychains, trinket trays, ornaments. Contact Judy through Instagram or email


If you’re sad it’s over, don’t be! I’ll be going LIVE on Instagram to give an exclusive look at all the must haves!! Make sure you’re following. We can chat, I’ll be so happy to make recommendations and answer any questions. I’ve gotchu!

The savings codes will be available leading up to Christmas, take advantage and treat yourself! 💋

I’d really love to hear which of these products are going on your Christmas wish list – I love when you tag me it brightens my day 💫

Nothing brings me more joy than helping bring relief, information, and empowerment to my fab fam!

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What is global NET CANCER DAY? What does the ‘NET’ stand for?

NET cancer day is recognizing all ‘neuroendocrine’ type tumors and cancers. Meaning the tumors arise from the neuroendocrine cells in the body. NE-T stands for neuroendocrine tumor and NE-c is neuroendocrine cancers.

This day brings us all together to push for change in the diagnostic process. It provides a global effort to inform patients of what symptoms to look out for.

The NET CANCER DAY campaign is to



As someone who’s been touched by this disease since my teens, I can say from experience that these efforts have made a huge impact. As patients we provide the most intimate knowledge of these conditions. It’s us that the health care professionals learn from, through trials and medical journals, it’s our experience that is providing up to date info.

But as everyday people, we are making CHANGE. By telling our stories, sharing what symptoms led to the diagnosis, types of imaging we had, challenges we faced with diagnosis, surgery, follow up, recurrence. It all helps others to better navigate their own unique NET CANCER experience.

I wanted to take a moment to recognize those who are navigating this complicated illness on the daily

The patients who are having to work so hard to know the symptoms, push for a diagnosis. Doing our own research, finding support groups, knowing what’s outdated information. Creating medical resumes to explain our complex needs. Learning how to advocate for yourself medically isn’t easy. Keeping our health care providers up to date. All while trying to fight the disease and live through insufferable symptoms. It can feel like the world is on our shoulders, but know there’s a herd of zebras ready to hold some of the weight – anytime.

The caregivers who are pushing on our behalf, hiding the fear by fighting for us. Advocating right alongside us. Telling their loved ones story, joining the groups, doing everything they can to learn how to support their zebra.

The physicians who are taking the time to make change, stay informed, look for the zebra 🦓 the physicians who simply believe us

The nurses who hold our hands and are kind to us through long hospital stays. Taking the time to learn how to better care for our unique needs.

The specialists who treat us, who dedicate their life to improving diagnostic measures and overall care. We need more physicians like you!

The pheo para alliance for providing a safe landing space for pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma phamilies. Their mission to provide up to date information, create excellence centres, and make change within this community. Working with physicians around the world to provide better diagnostic measures and specialized care. Offering patients support through awareness, webinars, physician led discussions, patient led discussions, and just knowing there are other pheo para zebras out there.

The international neuroendocrine cancer alliance (INCA) for leading the charge on NET CANCER DAY. Providing up to date information for ALL types of neuroendocrine tumors and cancers. (NETs & NECs)

The neuroendocrine cancer awareness organization (NCAN) for the NET cancer community. Providing resources to patients and conferences to keep the community up to date. Fundraising and sharing the zebra stripes around the US

The carcinoid foundation for providing all types of resources and support for neuroendocrine patients. Their ‘find a doctor’ holds an international database of specialists needed for this disease based on area of expertise and location! example of Canadian specialists listed below 👇🏻

On behalf of everyone touched by this disease, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Thank you to everyone for doing their part in creating change.

I’m still alive today with metastatic pheochromocytoma (a form of net cancer) because of awareness days just like this. This is how we make change within the rare community! This is why I will continue to tell my story and share any knowledge I know! 🦓 WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER! #zebrastrong


I am so proud of the information I have been able to create and share this year. I will include all of the projects and infographics for this year’s campaign so it can be revisited when needed!


This is first and foremost one of the most common mistake I am still hearing when it comes to pheo and para tumors

Why is this information dangerous? When we hear benign we often sigh a breath of relief and think it’s less serious than its counterpart: malignant

But it’s not. The reason why they changed the wording when it comes to these tumours is because there’s no way of 💯 knowing if they are malignant under a microscope 🔬

Because of this, many patients (including myself) have been told their initial tumor is BENIGN. Which leads to a false sense of security around recurrence, and misunderstanding when it comes to the need for lifelong follow up

It removes the risk and concern for recurrence, which is high by the way. And it’s just outdated and simply put – wrong

If you are still hearing this term being used, call it out. Offer the up to date info to provide it to the physician for their records. If you see it being said at a healthcare centre, email them with this updated info.

NET PATIENTS, please ensure you have yearly follow ups. Including new labs and scans if you are symptomatic!

You can read my diagnosis story here and my misdiagnosis story here about my recurrence

Fighting Pretty (a non profit supporting women through cancer) helped spread the word with this feature and a special mention in their newsletter. Since being the first rare cancer that joined the fighting pretty community, they created ZEBRA gloves of strength to help continue share awareness through empowering stories everywhere.

Fighting pretty wrote:

We stand with all of the beautiful Zebras within our community. 🦓💪
Join us in spreading awareness about NETs by sharing this post to your story and be sure to follow Miranda for more inspiring content! 💖


For my complete pheo attack survival guide, click HERE


We welcome you to watch the replay here. We shared about our own experience while offering tangible ways of supporting your loved one. All while embracing your new normal 🤍

net cancer day graphics

That’s a wrap for this year phriends. There was a lot of information shared in one day. I hope you are able to get some good self care in after all that!

Feel free to save and share any of the graphics here

I encourage you to send this blog to loved ones to keep them up to date, along with any other info that resonated with you.

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Health Update: navigating multiple conditions

Health Update: navigating multiple conditions

I feel like I have so much to discuss since yesterday’s appointment, so here we go. NET CANCER DAY has really got me thinking a lot about how much responsibility falls on us as the patient. I’ve always known this, and I often discuss how the information I share relies on us (the patients) to advocate for themselves in an unbelievable way

Somehow yesterday living it in real time while the campaign ‘know the symptoms, push for a diagnosis’ echoed in my mind…. It hit different

I’ll be giving a bit of a health update, while sharing how I prioritize multiple symptoms and conditions

The difficulty of living with more than one health condition is having to navigate which is most urgent. This can be dangerous and counterintuitive for the overall picture and quality of life for someone with chronic disease.

I went to see my palliative care doctor, who is also my family physician. Those of you who know our past with palliative care has been rocky at best.

Anyway I like her, I trust her, and she was the only one we continued with for my local care.

There was a lot to go over, and so already that can be overwhelming for both of us.

I typically talk about my concerns in order of urgency. I also try not to be rushed and I do make an effort to lead with what I’d like to prioritize.

discussing multiple concerns…

Normally doctors appointments begin with going over what’s happened since last time. This ends up taking up the bulk of the time, leaving little room for what’s currently going on. Honestly I had too many new issues of concern to discuss so I quickly dived in, not leaving room for previous updates

First I had to address my breast health, she did a thorough exam and agreed with my self exam findings. She ordered a mammogram and marked it urgent. Good that it’ll be quick, bad that it’s considered urgent. I requested there be an ultrasound with it due to my age.

I wouldn’t have known to ask for ultrasound with it if not for so many #breastfriends sharing their stories. I always ‘feel it on the first’ and that helped me to identify when something felt different.

I had brought up my concern at my last appt with a resident before seeing my specialist. I wasn’t laying down when she did her super quick ‘exam’ and if I had relied on her “there’s nothing” I wouldn’t be having this investigated at all. You can see the importance of self advocacy in ALL medical situations. Following your gut instinct and pushing for answers is essential for your health

Young women’s breast health requires a different approach, and so ultrasound is recommended as a supportive measure. We talked about the possibility of a breast MRI as well, but are starting here. I am used to not reacting before something is actually real or concrete. Still a little scary tho!

With #netcancerday on my mind I informed her of the high rate of NETs that can be in other parts of the body such as the breasts (always an advocate!)

I will be referred to a dermatologist for some issues with the skin also. She suggested the use of antibiotics to try and relieve the recurring skin issue I have under my breast. I declined, as I reserve antibiotic use for EMERGENCY matters.

My medical resume came in handy at this appointment as she asked which medications I cannot take or am allergic to. Sometimes we think we don’t need these resources because it’s a doctor we are used to or not a big deal. ALWAYS bring your medical resume. I was able to hand her the sheet of contraindicated meds with mast cell activation disorder. You can find that here

It was feeling like a lot already at this point, but there was still other matters to deal with. We discussed the progress or lack thereof with my painful twitching and spasms. My upcoming MRI for the brain to investigate further and how I didn’t vibe with the movement specialist 😂 but I quickly veered back to the current unresolved issues at hand. Breast, lymph, feet. Like a mantra in my mind, making sure I didn’t forget what I’d come for

I asked about the possibility of lymphedema in my left arm, since it’s never been brought up at a single appt for the last several years. She looked at both arms and immediately saw a difference in size. I pointed out how the skin sort of puckers inward and how it’s always been very painful to do blood pressure on the left. She agreed with the strong possibility of lymphedema. I asked about the possibility that it can be impacting my abdomen as well since I’d had such an extensive de-bulk surgery. She said she’s never had a patient with it but it’s a possibility

I’ll be referred to a local lymphedema clinic.

Last, I brought up my chronic foot pain. I explained that this one really has me worried and I don’t have any idea what it could be in relation to. Things like this are always a bit tricky because we have to ask if it’s related to my existing conditions. I haven’t had any luck connecting the dots in the patient community. My endo tried a complex B vitamin to see if that would help, but I’m still having the issue.

First thing I am asked with each concern I address “have you talked about this with your specialist?” it happens every single time. Each doctor asks if I’ve talked about it with someone else.

I get frustrated because when I’m at my specialists… they need to focus on their specialty! So they often ask if I have a family doctor. With complex medical issues and multiple concerns, there’s a lot of ping pong as I like to call it. Which is why I often bring up the most urgent issues to each doctor. I then see who’s willing to help or what their opinion is. It allows me to get multiple opinions and saves everyone time

I do get a bit tired and upset when it’s always me that has to find everything. I try to think back to a time the onus didn’t fall on me to find answers, I can’t recall a time that it wasn’t like this.

A lot of it boils down to 2 things, when you are rare and medically complex… we deal with order of urgency. Which means the less urgent matters gets swept aside until there’s time to deal with them. But there’s never time, so you have to eventually make it a priority. PAP tests, women’s health checks, and regular labs for vitamin and hormone deficiencies are often not done.

A lot of the sweeping aside ends up turning into bigger issues later on. It can become the things that impact our quality of life the greatest. Ignoring small issues adds up into big problems. It ends up being what creates other advanced issues due to lack of treatment or care early on.

For example, my endometriosis diagnosis had been put off until last year. It meant not doing regular PAP tests, because I am treated palliatively. I was asked verbatim “would you really want to know…?” meaning: do I really want to know if there’s something else wrong?

I’d like the opportunity to deal with whatever is going on with my body. Putting my head in the sand saying “I’m guess I’m dying so LALALLAL” that’s an unhealthy and incorrect approach to palliative care or ANY care for that matter

By the time I got answers I had been suffering with unimaginable pain for over 10 years. Pain that was always blamed on the cancer. I was diagnosed with advanced stage 4 deep infiltrating endometriosis. It can’t be cured or surgically removed. I have to just live with it and try to manage the spread with hormone therapy AND pay out of pocket for uninsured pelvic floor therapy to manage pain. So you see, these ‘lesser issues’ can wind up being what impacts your life and pain levels greater than anything else

Quality of life improvement for me means taking care of root cause issues and treating what needs to be treated. We can live long lives with reduced pain

So this is where I’m at currently with just the appointment from yesterday. I won’t know what my cancer is doing or not doing until later in the year – as those labs take a long time. I will have to get imaging in the new year so we won’t have an up to date look into that until 2023 for now.

This is why I am prioritizing all these other concerns. While putting a focus on improving my baseline health. I put a constant effort into regulating my nervous system, managing stress levels, and doing daily healing practices of my own

I do what I can with what’s in my control, I realize I am doing a lot at once and it’s time to be patient. So I can begin to see the results of all my efforts.

I got upset yesterday seeing that I am rapidly gaining weight with no cause again. This becomes an issue because it’s happened many times with no answers as to why. Unexplained weight gain is often hormonal, but that doesn’t narrow it down for me. We know it’s because of the excess stress hormones – but In 12 years no one has been able to identify which. Why it happens suddenly when it does, and so I’m determined to do it myself. With the next round of labs I will be able to see which level has increased.

I will also request to have my inflammatory levels checked, insulin and leptin resistance, hormone deficiency, food intolerance, and vitamin deficiencies. Any and all things that can be related to weight gain. I had requested (non specific) labs to be tested with her, but she refused on the basis that we need to have a specific reason we are looking for. Or else they can find issues we weren’t trying to find, which I just think is ridiculous. If you have an incidental finding it should be seen as positive. It’s not as if we’re looking for fun without any cause. So fun, right?!

In the meantime, I am reminding myself I am doing what I can. I am doing my best. I wish that someone had told me sooner in my journey to stop focusing on trying to control the things that are simply uncontrollable…

And put focus on what I can

For example: if my body is rapidly changing, creating more resistance by fighting back with restrictive eating and unhealthy movement is dangerous for me.

Instead: learn to love my body in all forms through self compassion and patience. Relieving the pressure and stress this causes until answers come, allowing me to be at peace and letting things just … be

The lesson I am taking away and am sharing with you is that self advocacy is a powerful tool. It can also be overwhelming, exhausting, and feel like a lot of responsibility.

There are times when we have to loosen our grip a little and let the universe, let god, let our bodies, let be.

We have to put a bit of trust into something other than ourselves. That’s what hope allows for, faith, and mindful practice. It’s a delicate balance for our own good and emotional well being

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Trapped in fight or flight

Trapped in fight or flight

When we are in a chronic state of stress, it causes a physiological and psychological response called survival mode. This means the MIND AND BODY are focused on one thing and one thing only: danger ⚠️

This mode involves the release of stress hormones and the activation of our stress-response systems.

Here’s the thing: this mode is essential, it’s life or death because our bodies NEED to be able to detect a threat and know the difference of when to fight, or flight

Now, imagine not being able to make your way out.

That is what life with an adrenaline secreting tumor is. Your body is trapped in this state, regardless of how calm your mind is. The TUMOR(s) are producing or rather secreting these stress hormones in excess. You can’t shut it off, you can’t control it, and so your body is constantly feeling like there’s a threat even when there isn’t

Someone who’s lived with this disease, even the trauma of it, will catapult the system into a survival state. Just as any disease or trauma can.

What I’m talking about is a little different… but still intertwined. I’m referring to a forced physiological impact from an over production of stress hormones SECRETED by these tumours. Still with me? Our bodies are withstanding a physical trauma every single day. Pretty wild huh?

You will often hear pheo para patients explain this disease as being chased by a predator all their life. Like a lion is running after them that never quite catches them… but is always on their tail

I want to empower you with information that can only be understood from a lived perspective. I want to show you how you can fight back – by not fighting at all

I don’t think we can ever fully explain to someone who doesn’t have this disease quite what it feels like or what it does, but I try my best. Why?

I feel it’s important for us to understand (to the best of our abilities) how this impacts our daily life.

To be able to differentiate how much is the disease and what it us. How much we have control over, and what we cannot. Allowing ourselves and our loved ones to better manage the impact of a longterm chronic state of stress.

I am approaching 32, which means I have been actively living with pheochromocytoma for over 13 years. That is almost unreal to think my body has been in a chronic state of stress for that long and it has been able to survive. Even when it was so close to the end

Let’s take a moment to honour the absolute incredulous miracle our bodies perform every single day. Pause here to feel those vibes!

I’ve explained a pheochromocytoma attack hundreds or thousands of times, but when you hear it from a stress response perspective it’s so different. When we truly understand the impact on our entire system… we can take back some control

A control we are often left feeling isn’t possible or simply cannot exist. How we take back control is by learning to shift back into the parasympathetic nervous system when we’re not actively in attack

Your parasympathetic nervous system is a network of nerves that relaxes your body after periods of stress or danger. It also helps run life-sustaining processes, like digestion, during times when you feel safe and relaxed

If we are constantly trapped in fight or flight, (which many of us endure for years with this disease – and years AFTER removal!) our entire system begins to misfire and that is what we call survival mode. Where we can’t function properly because our body will never relax and feel at ease

Medically, they use medications called ‘blockers’ to protect our system from the output of adrenaline hormones. It allows us to withstand a higher level of adrenaline and can protect us from having a heart attack or stroke.

With metastatic disease, we go through different forms of treatment such as surgery and radioactive therapies like MIBG or PRRT to try and shrink and/or reduce metabolic activity from the tumor. You can click to learn about my personal experience with these, but….

Something I wish I’d known early on is how all of this impacts the nervous system. How it’s crucial to understand this impact and do what’s in our power to protect it. We can’t simply turn it off, but…

Making a conscious effort to shift back into the parasympathetic system helps– you notice I say effort. It’s not a guarantee that we can control or fully combat the effect the hormones are having on our bodies. But I know from experience – it’s better to try. Especially when treated palliatively, it helped to extend my life.

The reason I’m sharing this and will continue to talk about it is because this disease is all consuming. We deserve to know more than how to barely survive – we deserve to know how we can live a life that is balanced and feel safe in our bodies

I’m not quite there yet, but I can promise that the ways I’ve learned and incorporated different efforts into my day to day life has helped. Each day I feel I take a little piece of me back. I feel I learn to cope more effectively, and most importantly – I feel a little more calm and able to come back quicker from the attacks. I will even go as far to say that the attacks are less aggressive right now with the combination of both my efforts and the medical intervention. Keep in mind I am not on active treatment – other than pharmacological blockade.

I will never say for certain what is specifically made the biggest impact or what will work for you. We are all different and these disease is impacted by a number of things. I just share what I know and what I do with the hope that even one thing can help ease some of the pain.

15 things to incorporate into your daily routine:

This isn’t something we learn at the doctor unfortunately, so take notes my friends! In no particular order, I am constantly updating this list.

  1. Guided meditation. I simply cannot stress how important this is. This is something that is free to access, can be done as much as you want, and has proven scientific benefit dating back thousands of year. If you’re skeptical, just try 5 mins a day. You don’t have to sit cross legged, your mind isn’t too busy, you are simply listening along with a voice that is instructing your body how to relax from a subconscious level. I wouldn’t make it through my most painful procedures without years of meditation practice. Fact: meditation/hypnosis used to be used as anaesthesia! Search on YouTube for free meditations specific to your mood and schedule. The mindful movement and Michael sealy are some of my personal favourites.
  2. Deep breathing: too obvious? Most of us don’t mindfully breathe from the belly. Next time you’re feeling stressed, pause, take 3 deep breaths by inhaling through the nose expanding the belly and then exhaling by the mouth. You can also follow along with breathing exercises through certain apps like ‘aura’ or ‘headspace’
  3. Noise + Light: if you’re feeling reactive or triggered, dim the lights, ask those around you to speak quietly or leave the room and go to a safe place. This is especially important while in hospital since health care workers are trained to speak loudly, and the lights are very harsh.
  4. CBD: always check with your doctor first as it can counteract with other meds. I’ve had amazing success as of recent with CBD oils. I have tried both THC therapy and pure CBD, the THC aggravates my tumours + symptoms. CBD on its own alleviates and calms my system during the day and helps me sleep at night. Do your research for quality & safety! Sleep has been my biggest struggle over the years with all the residual adrenaline. However it’s so essential for our healing, if you can find something that works for you it’s such a blessing. I use a specific sleep compound that includes melatonin and CBN, this has helped with pain and sleep quality which has in turn helped me to calm my nervous system by being able to heal through the night.
  5. Zero gravity position: raising your legs above your heart. NASA puts astronauts in zero G before take-off to equalize their weight and ease the stress on their bodies as they are launched into space. Cool right?! It is said to benefit digestion, breathing, and provide proper blood circulation. They have beds with this technology, wedge pillows that offer this ability. Or you can prop your legs up against a wall, or build a pillow fort. Whatever works for you
  6. Gentle movement, walking, light stretching, anything you’re able to do. My husband and I have been enjoying Justin Agustin fitness videos. They are designed for a true beginner and can be incorporated while in active treatment. They can be modified to both of our disabilities and are mobility focused. Thai chi, and other forms of gentle movement can be incorporated as long as you have approval from your doctor and are comfortable. With pheo paras this is tricky as anything can set it off, but keeping in mind that muscle atrophy and pain is worsened when not moving at all. The idea being not to elevate your heart rate at a spike is key. Physio movements can also be done in bed with assistance from a caregiver.
  7. Red light therapy: only 10 mins to see incredible benefit for mood, pain, and anxiety. I recently invested in a home setup because I needed the access safely and consistently for what I’m looking for. Laying in the warm red light is calming in itself, but it’s proven to have benefit for a host of other things. The idea behind red light therapy is that it’s healing the body from a cellular level. It’s actually healing the mitochondria which helps with SO many functions in the body. Don’t take my word for it, just look at the science. There’s plenty of clinics, spas, and salons that have red light therapy. There is also a wide range of options + sizes for home. This is the company I used.
  8. Vagus nerve toning: a device I’ve been enjoying is called ‘sensate’. I was first just trying it out but am now a firm believer it has an incredible impact on my overall well-being. It’s a necklace that uses is infrasonic technology to stimulate the vagus nerve. It vibrates against the sternum paired with calming sounds on an app through your phone. You choose how long you want your session to be and select the music and just enjoy. It’s scientifically proven to ‘tone’ the vagus nerve with continued use. I love when I find things like this and they actually work. Again, just the 5 mins of calm is beneficial BUT with built in deeper benefits. Absolutely phenomenal and has helped many others see the same benefit! Very promising
  9. Nutrition plays a role in everything. I’ve talked about this before and if you have pheo or para you probably follow a low tyramine diet. If you’re wondering what that is – the MAIN no no’s would be fermented/pickled foods, processed foods, and soy. Having MCAS I can’t eat foods high in histamine either or else my system goes haywire. Being mindful + learning what triggers your body’s stress/anxiety helps a lot! I will never recommend any specific way of eating, because we are all individual. I think knowing what not to eat can be pretty life changing to our system.
  10. H20, If you are dehydrated, your body is not functioning properly, and therefore may cause increased levels of stress. Ever notice your heart rate increases or feels like it’s skipping beats when you don’t have enough water? There are many many tricks to stay hydrated, this isn’t something to skip on.
  11. Journaling: a daily self care practice that can release so many thoughts and emotions. You don’t have to love stickers or even like writing. However it can be used as a way to ‘brain dump’ whatever emotional storage you’re bringing around with you. Think of a journal as your safe space to say whatever you want without being judged or have to think about how it sounds. Just write it out, let that shit go!
  12. Trauma coaching: at the beginning of this year I made it a goal to begin treating my PTSD. It’s no secret that the body stores trauma, this was one of my ways to try and get it out. There are many forms of healing therapies that exist now Vs traditional talk therapy. I personally wasn’t a fan of that – but doing whatever feels safe and comfortable to you is key. I just happened upon a trauma coach during a cancer support conversation and it’s changed my life. We are doing a focus called ‘internal family systems’ or ‘parts work’. It’s been close to 6 months, the most notable difference I’d say is being able to slow down. When you’re stuck in survival mode, we will often not want to just ‘be’. We always have to be doing something or distracting ourselves or else it feels too overwhelming. This is what I wanted to get away from, and am proud to say is starting to happen for me. I feel I have the tools to manage my triggers and reactive states. Click here for more information regarding trauma coaching
  13. Self care: this is meant to make you set aside the time to care for yourself. It’s amazing what an hour or two of doing something just for you can impact our mood and peace. When I’m feeling particularly stressed, I may take a bath, or maybe I’ll sit and listen to music while doing my skincare routine. The point is to be intentional and really set aside the time to take care of you and you only.
  14. Gratitude practice: it may sound silly at first, but I’d recommend reading this book if you’re new to gratitude practice. It shows how at its simplest form being grateful can change how our bodies feel. If we’re only grateful when things are going well – it’s easy to get caught off guard during hard times. I recommend writing down 3 things you’re grateful for each day, this simple exercise when added to a daily routine completely changed my ability to cope. Which in turn helped me return to my baseline state of calm.
  15. The art of doing nothing: there is so much power in this one. I won’t explain much further, this comes with time. I haven’t fully achieved this ability yet, but I try every day to just be with myself and do nothing for even 1-2 mins. You may be reading this and saying “well doing nothing isn’t hard?” Yet in survival mode, this can seem like an impossible task. If you know you know

There’s no one formula to magically shift out of survival mode. As you can see, it’s an ongoing daily effort to help relax our system. It’s a combination of emotional, physical and spiritual needs. It is grounding ourselves, reminding our brains there is more to life than suffering, it’s living – not surviving

I hope wherever or whenever this finds you, it reminds you that our bodies are capable of incredible things. We are never broken, we are healing. We can take pieces of ourselves everyday. Each one of these practices has its own unique way of helping us to return to our baseline state of being.

I’m here to remind you that no matter how hard it tries, pheo cannot take away your ‘fabulous’. I hope these practices offer the gentle reminder you needed to feel more like you.

If you want peace, stop fighting


you are the lion.

It’s not just a simple blood test

It’s not just a simple blood test

There’s nothing simple about plasma metanephrines collections. Each time I walk into the lab, I am often met with confusion. Experienced lab technicians that haven’t seen this before, and don’t know the protocol to follow. It’s stressful, it’s unnecessary, and as an advocate for 10 years lived experience fighting this disease – I’m here to help.

For the patient: please go to an experienced centre, preferably a large hospital. Please bring with you the following printed protocols including this blog

Take a look previous to your appt which labs have been ordered. Some may have special instructions such as fasting, standing, lying down, etc.

Specimen collection protocol

endocrine society protocol

*draw in prechilled tube, the blood sample should be kept on wet ice until centrifuged* also needs to be shipped refrigerated
Proper specimen collection for plasma metanephrines: pre chilled lavender tube delivered STAT on ice

For the lab: most patients wait an average of 4-5 years to get a rare diagnosis, please consider this with care when following this protocol. Thank you for the work you do and taking the time.

For diagnosing physicians:

Consider the high likelihood of recurrence when a patient is highly symptomatic post op.

In the case of normal plasma metanephrines but the patient is still symptomatic:


If biochemical levels are not 4x elevated, watch for subtle trends in elevation. Even small increases are suggestive for recurrence with history of pheo para dx. Chromogranin A and dopamine (3MT) must be included in each follow up

High clinical suspicion would include a patient with history of NET tumor, or is 3 months + post removal and is still symptomatic. For these patients it is recommended to move onto imaging

Combined scans of structural and functional imaging are recommended for patients with previous history who are symptomatic as recurrence is highly likely!

Note about the author: Miranda is a 31 year old awareness advocate currently living with metastatic pheochromocytoma. First diagnosed at 19 years old with a ‘1 in a million tumor’ much to her surprise, the episodic (attacks) didn’t resolve. Miranda was a high risk patient that was dismissed due to ‘normal’ biochemical levels. Her continued symptoms attributed to anxiety.

On October 10th 2014 (four years later) Miranda was diagnosed with recurrent pheochromocytoma. This led to the discovery of over 60 tumours and a terminal diagnosis. Curative options no longer possible, she was palliatively treated at 24 years old.

Miranda and her husband were told she was going to die that day. Non genetic pheochromocytoma can recur, the 10% rule is outdated and ALL cases require lifelong monitoring. The patient’s symptoms should be acknowledged with repeat biochemical testing and imaging to confirm.

Miranda went on to be treated by a world class multi disciplinary team of NET specialists at the MUHC in Montreal, QC. Undergoing debulk surgery in 2016, MIBG therapy, daily Sandostatin injections and PRRT clinical trial in Quebec City. ‘fabulous despite the odds’ Miranda has been redefining terminal illness ever since. Advocating for patient awareness around the world

From the author: I have dedicated my life to helping patients and physicians better understand how to manage this disease. Uncovering important links to co-morbidities such as mast cell activation syndrome. This important link is what has kept me alive and allowed me to thrive. My focus is QOL, early diagnosis, and preventing suffering through proper management. I tell my story to provide the necessary information to physicians and patients to work cohesively for improved care. Please consider this when treating the patient that provided you with this literature. Many thanks

Visit my other pages to learn about my story and recurrence with metastatic pheochromocytoma

Pheo para resource: pheo para alliance

Pheo para support: click here

Social channels: @ pheovsfabulous

A lesson in life and death

A lesson in life and death

“Being given this gift is a rare insight not many get to have, until it’s too late to apply it. I have the pleasure of giving a glimpse to all of you now” pheo vs fabulous

Being palliatively treated was one of my biggest fears, because it meant I was dying. Everyone was speaking to me about my death, it was the hot topic of my 20s. A lonely place to be in.

If something is terrifying to you, it’s because it’s foreign. By getting to know our fears better, it will become less so.

My curiosity made my fear of death less foreign. I challenged the purpose of this care, whether it was to die or to help my pain and suffering while LIVING.

If used properly, it can be such a beautiful way of removing suffering allowing you to LIVE fully. I am privileged to have learned this

I realized then by sharing my life and my story as a young seemingly vibrant ‘full of life’ woman… it would make others challenge the ideology that surrounds death also. When someone else is confronted with the same fate, they will see that there’s more to death than just dying. You have to have lived in order to die.

I share my life to bring light to these topics that we see as dark. I share as a reminder to take notice of all the beautiful moments and let it inspire you. The way I hopefully inspired you.

Like everything in life there are stages, palliative care is full of people who are very much alive. like me.

You may be wondering why I’m talking about this. Well because I have this unique lens to offer my point of view. By no means do we have to be happy about dying, but we CAN be at peace with it.

Happiness and sadness have to coexist, happiness is a comparative emotion. Once you feel some level of pain and sadness, you can feel happiness and gratitude. Otherwise you’d not know when happiness is, we wouldn’t feel joy. We would feel… neutral, we wouldn’t feel the euphoria of relief and the multitude of emotions.

Light can’t exist without dark, happiness can’t exist without sadness, just like life and death. We can’t live unless we die. We can’t die unless we’ve lived.

THAT is what I mean when I say I’m terminal and thriving, staying fabulous, or fighting pretty. I am able to live through pain because it’s what has led me to my happiness. Living in peace with my body, illness, even death, has given me this gift to live with the purpose we ALL deserve.

I never ever want anyone to pity me, I want you to feel so empowered and fearless to apply this point of view to all aspects of your life. I have chosen to share my unique lens to comfort, to change, to challenge, to connect.

Even if you feel you can’t relate to what I share, we all have life in common. Know that you don’t have to face death in order to start truly living. We all have fears, we all want happiness, we all live and die.

Being given this gift is a rare insight not many get to have, until it’s too late to apply it. I have the pleasure of giving a glimpse to all of you now.

I can’t control how others view the world, happiness, death, or even how you view me. I do however hope that you feel the love in my intention.

In the blink of an eye, my life has changed so many times, for better and for worse. What I’ve shared with you today is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to learn. Yet it’s my most profound lesson, and I’m honoured to be here alive to share it with you.

I hope a little piece of what I put into the world finds it’s way to you. A mindset tip, a makeup hack, a cute outfit for a hospital day, ways to cope, a tip to advocate, a goofy video, how to fight pretty, or a super profound shift in spiritual awareness.

Whatever it may be, these are all the pieces that make us who we are, I hope it leads you to your own ‘fabulous’.

“Fabulous is your light, your smile, your energy, your positivity, your willfulness, your vitality, passion, excitement, beauty, laugh, and how you share it!” – Pheo VS Fabulous

Miranda AKA #pheovsfabulous

Follow me on social channels at @ pheovsfabulous

10 ways to calm your stress response

10 ways to calm your stress response

I’ve been living with a body that’s stuck in fight or flight since my teens. Of course for the longest time I didn’t know how to control or manage it.

Then once I knew what I was dealing with, I was conditioned to believe that it’s the nature of the disease. Basically take the medication and suck it up. In a way, this is true. Biochemically we will always be stuck in fight or flight, with the constant stream of adrenaline overflowing in our bloodstream.

But what about what we can control? Why doesn’t anyone tell us about that? I’ve accepted I can’t control all the elements of this disease, but let’s talk about what we can impact. All the ways we can help to calm our systems down, slowly reconditioning our body’s stress response. Which by the way helps with many different aspects of life, not just the grenades inside of us.

Learning more about the nervous system I believe has unknowingly kept me alive. It’s what has allowed me to combat the constant stream of stress with a balance of calm through my own daily practices. These practices I believe we should all be doing more of, with or without pheo para!

I know I will always need medication to manage the dangerous adrenaline levels that the tumors produce. I’m okay with that, but it doesn’t take your body out of fight or flight. It doesn’t calm the system’s stress response, because as humans we all experience stress. If you add in the residual impact of the adrenaline + Trauma + biochemical levels and you think – I’m doomed!

Luckily I’m a unicorn and we believe in endless hope, magic, and sparkly miracles.

You don’t have to have a crazy rare cancer to experience a fight or flight response. It can be triggered for so many reasons, the trick is being able to calm it down.

This isn’t something we learn at the doctor unfortunately, so take notes my friends!

  1. Guided meditation. I wouldn’t make it through my most painful procedures. Fact: meditation/hypnosis used to be used as anaesthesia! Search on YouTube for free meditations specific to your mood and schedule. The mindful movement and Michael sealy are some of my personal favourites.
  2. Deep breathing: too obvious? Most of us don’t mindfully breathe from the belly. Next time you’re feeling stressed, pause, take 3 deep breaths by inhaling through the nose expanding the belly and then exhaling by the mouth.
  3. Noise + Light: if you’re feeling reactive or triggered, dim the lights, ask those around you to speak quietly or leave the room and go to a safe place. This is especially important in hospitals since health care workers are trained to speak loudly, and the lights are very harsh.
  4. CBD: always check with your doctor first. I’ve had amazing success as of recent with CBD oils. I have tried both THC therapy and pure CBD, the THC aggravates my tumours + symptoms. CBD on its own alleviates and calms my system during the day and helps me sleep at night. Do your research for quality & safety! Sleep has been my biggest struggle over the years with all the residual adrenaline. However it’s so essential for our healing, if you can find something that works for you it’s such a blessing.
  5. Zero gravity position: raising your legs above your heart. NASA puts astronauts in zero G before take-off to equalize their weight and ease the stress on their bodies as they are launched into space. Cool right?! They have special wedge pillows that offer this ability. Or you can prop your legs up against a wall, or build a pillow fort. Whatever works for you
  6. Gentle movement, walking, light stretching, anything you’re able to do. I really love Thai chi videos to move along to and you can bring your phone or laptop anywhere outside to enjoy it in nature. I just discovered physio that is yoga centred and that made me very curious. It’s to help the body with movement while healing certain injuries. I’ll keep you posted if we try!
  7. Red light therapy: only 10 mins to see incredible benefit for mood and anxiety. I recently invested in a home setup because I needed the access safely and consistently for what I’m looking for. Laying in the warm red light is calming in itself, but it’s proven to have benefit for depression, anxiety, stress, and a whole lot of other things! There’s plenty of clinics, spas, and salons that have red light therapy. There is also a wide range of options + sizes for home. This is the company I used.
  8. Vagus nerve toning: a new device I’ve been trying/enjoying is called ‘sensate’. A necklace that uses is infrasonic technology to stimulate the vagus nerve. It vibrates against the sternum paired with calming sounds on an app through your phone. You choose how long you want your session to be and select the music and just enjoy. It’s scientifically proven to ‘tone’ the vagus nerve with continued use. I love when I find things like this and they actually work. Again, just the 5 mins of calm is beneficial BUT with built in deeper benefits. Absolutely phenomenal 👌🏼 @mysensate
  9. Nutrition plays a role in everything. I’ve talked about this before and if you have pheo or para you probably follow a low tyramine diet. If you’re wondering what that is – the MAIN no no’s would be fermented/pickled foods, processed foods, and soy. Having MCAS I can’t eat foods high in histamine either or else my system goes haywire. Being mindful + learning what triggers your body’s stress/anxiety helps a lot!
  10. H20, If you are dehydrated, your body is not functioning properly, and therefore may cause increased levels of stress. Ever notice your heart rate increases or feels like it’s skipping beats when you don’t have enough water? There are many many tricks to stay hydrated, this isn’t something to skip on.

Some added extras: different forms of healing therapy OR trauma coaching can be helpful with PTSD. Not everyone responds to talk therapy so this is an alternative approach. Post traumatic stress causes the body to be locked in fight or flight as well, so seeking the appropriate care for you can be helpful. I just began trauma coaching, using internal family systems or ‘parts work’ as the main healing modality. I’ll update more on that later when I’ve had more time to work on this.

Supplements: I won’t recommend anything specific but checking your full blood panel is so important. When you have a low nutrient level or something is off, it can cause you to feel run down which then makes your body stressed. Talk to your doctor about a FULL blood panel.

Self care practices you enjoy, Epsom salt baths, journaling, reading, etc. For me I’m writing this blog as we speak as a way to calm my own stress response.

These are my main healing practices at this moment, I use a combination of these to help normalize my baseline stress levels. I hope this helps you too. For my ‘attack survival guide’ and more resources click my drop down menu on the home page.

Remember, through channeling our energy into the things we can control – we live an empowered life. We live with intention, and remove the lens of fear.

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CARE, period.

CARE, period.

You may be surprised to hear me say this, but sometimes it’s not ‘self care’ that we require…

We just need CARE, period.

Let that sit for a second, how does it make you feel?

For me: it instantly took a weight off, I immediately had this pressure lift from my shoulders and chest. I allowed myself space to deserve something I didn’t feel worthy of, until now.

I hope as you’re reading this, you will find that same empowerment that you deserve.

I often talk about being in a state of overwhelm, and how to get out of it. We are led to believe we have no control over our bodies with this disease. In some ways that’s true, but sometimes the answer isn’t more doing. We are already SO reactive, we don’t always need to do more. We need to do less.

Let me explain

When you’ve been THROUGH IT, or are still in the thick of it, sometimes just barely keeping your head above water… the word ‘self care’ feels heavy. It’s one more thing we need to worry about when we have the weight of the world on our shoulders.

When you have been dismissed so many times, when you have to fight for every single answer you get, feeling like we’re doing all the work but still not getting anywhere. It’s exhausting. The last thing you want to hear is to do MORE work because you’re not caring for yourself properly.

I’m guilty of it, I say it all the time. There’s a time and place for self care but it’s not the only form of care needed. Which is why I want to reframe the conversation about what care looks like. Period.

We’re expected to do a lot as humans, as women, as chronically ill, as cancer thrivers, survivors, when we’re at our limits of overwhelm the answer cannot always be self care.

We get misdiagnosed, or are navigating a diagnosis, we are called ‘complex’, we sometimes feel unworthy of care at all. Like it’s too much to even consider asking for help because we won’t be believed anyway. This all weighs heavily on our hearts, and this is why self care isn’t always the answer. We don’t need more work to do, we have already become fiercely independent and keep ourselves alive – we just need some kindness. The type of care we’ve been looking for and not always receiving. That’s the only self care I want to discuss.

The actual definition of care is: “the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something”

Care (no self implied) is just being kind, removing resistance, and allowing yourself to just listen to what your body is telling you. Care to me is learning to listen to my body’s needs without jumping to ‘fix it’ or adding any other form of duty.

Examples of care can be speaking kindly to yourself, having patient thoughts, listening inward. When your mind is racing, just noticing your thoughts instead of stop fighting them. Sitting with how you’re feeling but not jumping to a conclusion or solution right away.

Care can be shutting down the internal argument that comes from needing rest or not wanting to add ‘another thing’ to your plate. You can care for yourself by just letting it be. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about – that story you create in your mind about needing rest or doing all the things you ‘need’ to do. You could have let yourself rest with all the time you spent arguing with no one but you.

If you’re reading this, does it feel good to just know that we can just BE? We can just feel or grieve or NOT feel at all…

We also have the option to not process anything, we can simply sit with whatever it is.

For me, knowing that’s an option made me feel less overwhelmed already

Giving yourself another ‘to do’ isn’t always helpful, listen to what YOUR needs are at this moment.

What is your heart saying?

Presence is powerful. Not planning on how to ‘fix’ what you’re feeling, just allowing it to be

Self care: the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health.

Just knowing that NOT taking action is sometimes an option, made me feel more at ease. It also made it easier for me take action when needed. It cleared the path of resistance in order to tend to my needs in a different way.

When we give ourselves care with no strings attached, we are essentially just allowing ourselves to feel kindness. Giving ourselves grace, patience, and the attentiveness we would give a loved one.

No action necessary.

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Gallium 68: prep & overview

Gallium 68: prep & overview

Congratulations! You’ve are having the ‘gold standard’ imaging with relation to pheochromocytomas and paragangliomas. The Gallium 68, I have had many of these scans, all the way from clinical trial phase to PRRT treatment.

I figured it’s time to lay it all out so that you know exactly what to expect. I will be focusing on a practical overview of your day. I don’t know about you but – I find it helpful and comforting to be prepared. As we all know, the best way to live with cancer is to focus on what we can control.

So first, what is a gallium 68 scan and why would one have this type of imaging in comparison to let’s say… a standard CT or MRI?

There are many different types of imaging, the reason for ordering one vs the other is typically based on WHY it’s being ordered. Is it diagnostic? Prognostic? Someone who’s seeking an initial diagnosis and someone who’s living with the disease and having follow up will have different requirements.

I’ll keep this as simple as possible and focus on the Gallium 68, it’s just in order to advocate for yourself – it’s good to know the basics behind this. Structural imaging like CT and MRI are used to view the structure of the tumors, whereas functional imaging (like PET and MIBG) are used to see metabolic activity.

I know I said I’d keep it simple, we’re getting there I promise – gallium is considered the gold standard BECAUSE it combines both structural and functional imaging! How? Well, they use a PET/CT scanning machine to combine both modalities. See, they inject you with a radioactive tracer which makes them able to measure the output of hormones that the pheo/paras are producing. Then at the end of the nuclear imaging, they do a traditional CT to see the structure as well. It’s the best of both worlds, IF you’re receptive.

Not all pheo/paras are Gallium receptive, that’s why there are different types of radioactive tracers. Some pheo/paras can be gallium receptive but MIBG negative, and vice versa. Then there are the lucky bunch like me, where the tumors light up on ALL the scans. Which offers more option for treatment. Still with me?

When in the diagnostic period before surgery, it’s important to do a combination of imaging to know which radioactive tracers you are receptive to and for them to gather as much data as they can. This can later be used for followup and for someone like me with recurrence, it can be used as treatment options.

Gallium 68: what to expect

You may be experiencing some scanxiety, or maybe just type A and wondering how to prepare. Is it more than 1 day? Do you have to go back more than once? Do you have to fast? You will be pleased to hear that out of all the nuclear medicine scans – this is one of the simplest.

There’s no special eating or drinking requirements (yay!) and you do not have to go more than 1 day. Everything is all done at once, unlike the MIBG which is multiple days. From start to finish, it’s approx 3 hours. The actual imaging portion is probably about 30-45mins depending on your tumor burden and if they need repeat imaging. The short answer is no, there’s no prep for this scan. But it’s not the same for everyone, so I’m going to give you the real deal. Let’s walk through the day:

Is there side effects?

This isn’t talked about a lot, because it’s said there are no side effects or reactions when it comes to the radioactive tracer. However, there are many patients who are sensitive to any type of chemicals without it being considered an allergy. You may not go into anaphylaxis like an iodine allergy, but if you have MCAS/MCAD, your body can have a reaction. It’s also possible you can have a mast cell response but not be diagnosed, like me for the last several years. Keep reading, I’ll show you how to be as prepared as you can.

Expect the Unexpected:

If you’re someone who typically has reactions to meds or procedures, this would be a good time to discuss with your doctors taking some benadryl in advance and afterward. If you’re on steroids to manage your AI, it may be a good time to do a small updose to prep for the stress your body may endure. If you have mast cell disease, you definitely want to prep as you would for any procedure. Do as you normally would, follow your protocols.

Practical advice for meds would be to have a portable medication case with some anti nausea meds, ativan, heartburn med, an anti-inflammatory, and any medications you may have to up-dose with *I had to take an anti nausea, heartburn, and anti-inflammatory afterward*

I linked above how to prep for an MIBG scan if you have a known iodine allergy, I think it’s important to know how to prepare for ANY procedure or imaging with rare disease. Which is why I created my own ‘medical resume‘ and linked the emergency protocols for mast cells, adrenal insufficiency, and showed how to create your own. You can find it here. Feel free to share it because it can truly be life saving in certain situations – think of it as your voice when you don’t have one

How to use a medical resume:

ALWAYS show your medical resume to anyone who’s in charge of your care. It doesn’t matter if you think “oh I won’t need it, I’m just here for a simple test”. From experience, it’s normally the simplest of tests or medications that have precipitated my worst reactions and emergencies.

I bring it up calmly and mention that it’s never happened to where I’ve needed major intervention. I then explain the importance of understanding the possibility of a crisis event. I highlight where I cannot be given epinephrine because of my pheos, and I show the necessary protocols.

examples of where I’ve used my medical resume recently:

Getting vaccinated, I show it to whoever is administering the medicine

Emergency: triage nurse, ER nurse, radiology, etc

All forms of imaging where I’m receiving an injection

Let’s walk through the day:

My appt was at 12:30pm, we arrived at the nuclear imaging dept and checked in. They will ask you to change into the lovely blue gown right away and await your name to be called.

Someone from the nuclear imaging dept will come to get you, where they will bring you into a room to do your weight, height, and insert your IV. It’s at this point they will do a questionnaire about your allergies, medications you take, previous surgeries and treatments, it’s pretty detailed right down to your mensuration cycle. This is the perfect opportunity to show off your medical resume! Since it has a detailed view of all their questions they will ask. Then you can casually segway into the protocols. Easy!

It’s time to go into the radioactive haven, this is a room with comfy reclining chairs where you will get your injection. They keep the radioactive materials here, this is where you will spend most of your time. They will wrap you like a burrito with freshly warmed blankies, it’s really quite wonderful. I bring ‘gallium’ my little scan mascot. As well as my ‘hospital bag’ which is filled with goodies I’d need like my kindle, hand cream, headphones, phone charger, gum, water, etc.

Once you’re settled and the radioactive tracer has arrived, (yes, it gets shipped in specifically for YOU) they prepare the injection, flush your IV, and now administer your medicine. I’m not saying this will happen to everyone with pheo/para, but… my tumors react IMMEDIATELY as the product is injected

I get a tight, hot, squeezing pain in the middle of my chest around my sternum. The reason I mention this is because the first times it happened, I thought I was dying and it made me incredibly anxious. Now that I know it will happen, I am prepared to deep breathe through it and always have a guided meditation ready to help calm my body.

It passes pretty quickly, I’d say within 3-4 minutes. They will bring you the barium liquid to drink with some water at this point. You will have to do this more than once. Barium is a contrast agent that will help them visualize the gastrointestinal tract. It’s yucky and can taste like orange or poison berries. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my hospital updated their formula! Not only did it taste good, but I only had to drink 2 small shooters of it. Hopefully this is the case for you!

Once the barium prep is done, you will be told to empty your bladder at this point and go get scanned! This is a funny detail but it surprised me the first time too. The bathroom in the radioactive unit has a big lead door, just like all the rooms. However they often have it disabled so you can’t shut the bathroom door. They have this portable rolling door that blocks anyone from seeing you, but it’s still a peculiar setup and made me uncomfortable the first time. The discomfort has passed and I still manage to do pre-scan bathroom dance parties just fine.

the roll away bathroom door

The Scan

Unfortunately I don’t have photos of the imaging room, because it’s quick to go in and lay down right away. They will lay you down on the narrow table, and then slide a foam support underneath your legs (make sure you ask if they don’t). They will secure your arms so that you’re not fighting to stay still and comfortable the whole time. There’s no special breathing exercises or loud noises with a gallium scan. It’s really quite relaxing and I sleep most of it. You just can’t move of course. I’d recommend closing your eyes right away, I keep them closed. However this type of imaging is very open, it’s not claustrophobic like an MRI. You could actually have someone in the room with you pre-covid days. They just have to leave the last 2 mins because of the CT scan they perform at the end.

And that’s it! They will remove your IV, and you can do your victory walk/dance. I was too tired to do a dance, so I managed a rocky walk out of the hospital. This is the end of the imaging portion but it’s not the end of your feeling like crap (lol) for lack of a better word.


When we think of after-care we think bubble baths and rest, and yes that may be some of it depending on how you feel. However it’s important to be prepared for your body’s mood swings, pain management, and a plan to recover over the next 2-3 days. These radioactive tracers they inject into us find their way to our tumors, so despite them saying we won’t react… our tumors are still filled with a substance that makes them more activated. That’s not accounting for our mast cell response either, so you may have to follow with the appropriate medication response as well. You may feel inflammation in your lymph nodes, a tightness in your neck, tension and muscle spasms may increase, and pain in the abdomen. This is how my body responds anyway, so it’s more important than ever to flush it out by hydrating hydrating hydrating some more. You may want to do some journaling, netflix binging, or anything that allows you to get that sh*t out. I’m personally writing this blog to do just that – and to help all my zebra friends, but you know whatevs.

I like to finish my day with some comfort food, but I’ll warn you – if you eat something with tyramine or histamine, don’t say I didn’t warn you. It’s not the time in my opinion to make matters worse, so if you can eat something comforting but not tumor aggravating – I’d highly recommend lol.

Don’t be like me and hulk out by throwing your quesadilla, swear crying, and then have to switch pants with your husband to get relief from the belly pain. I have now prepared you for most unexpected events. I wish you an uneventful and pain free scan!

You totally got this my zebra friend, you are prepared now and just have one job: stay fabulous!

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This information is for educational purposes only and should not substitute the advice of your doctor(s) and medical team because they have in-depth knowledge of your medical history and current situation.

Resources to checkout:

Give and take

Give and take

I’ve come to a few realizations throughout the pandemic, as we all have. I had been living in isolation for years prior. Nothing had really changed – except me. I had changed, there was a shift, and I was beginning to see progress. We were guarded but hopeful – seeing changes that had never taken place before. Improvements that didn’t seem possible.

My days changed what seemed like overnight, a typical day for me was singing non sensical songs from my living room hospital bed to my husband. Him buying me makeup to cheer me up that I was too tired to use. Smiling through the pain so that my husband wouldn’t worry so much. Dreaming of when things would change.

My most exciting moment in a day was which injection will hurt less. A really wild day was being able to get in the bathtub. You get the picture, so when we saw I was making major progress – we wanted to actually enjoy it.

Not so fast, hello covid. Worldwide pandemic, really?

I didn’t feel my complaints were valid, with all that was going on in the world – I wasn’t going to whine that I couldn’t use my new found freedom to walk in the mall. People were losing family members, so I didn’t feel right complaining that mine wouldn’t be able to see me walk for the first time in years. Everyone was feeling loneliness, so who was I to be upset about my friends not seeing this new version of me? The friends who stuck by my side even when I couldn’t open my eyes long enough to say hello. The friends who never knew if I’d suddenly start painfully thrashing in my bed, on full display. The ones who would see a shell of my former self one moment, and a rare glimpse of my fabulous the next. I wanted them to see my bright eyes, full of vitality, I wanted everyone to see this Miranda 2.0

I wanted people to be around me without feeling fear of when my attacks would come crashing into our visit. I wanted my loved ones to be at ease in my presence, not constantly on guard – in fear of me.

Even though I wanted to be celebrated and seen, I’d have to be okay with experiencing it myself for now. Just me and my husband, getting to know the new me, the new ‘we’. The new found freedom would be used to bake my husband’s favourite cookies, my bright eyes looking at him full of vitality. Him looking back at me with such awe and admiration. I used my new legs to take peaceful walks, what a feeling. I found such gratitude in every moment that I could see, speak, and move on my own.

During this time, I didn’t just heal physically – I was forced to take a look deep inside. I didn’t know I was healing, I was still so cautiously optimistic. I began reading again, something I hadn’t been able to do for years. I started to read for enjoyment, and then switched to personal development. I listened to podcasts, I learned everything I could about fight or flight and how it impacts the body long term. I wanted to know myself, why I am the way I am.

I craved control and just wanted to fix myself. I tried to ‘fix’ myself everyday. I needed healing, not fixing.

I eliminated foods I wasn’t willing to eliminate before, changed my lifestyle, I meditated every day. This was the first time in my life with cancer that I had a break from treatment. I wanted to eliminate the fear of uncertainty, I craved that breath of relief. I didn’t know what I was searching for, but all along it was a feeling of ease. I didn’t know that was possible for me, after all, this cancer is incurable.

Every day, as I began healing physically – walked an extra few steps, swam further in the pool, stopped relying on my wheelchair, took the seat off the toilet, as my legs became stronger, my mind became clearer…

But my emotional health was getting rocky, my emotions were up and down. I was feeling triggered often, I knew I needed help with my trauma response.

I knew my past journey would eventually take a toll, not many people get so close to death and live to tell the tale. It’s not all sunshine, rainbows, and gratitude.

It’s moments of paralyzing post traumatic stress, it’s wondering ‘why me’, it’s guilt, and it’s anger. PTSD comes in all forms, rushing back at any given moment, and it’s not always a vivid flash back. It can be a smell which leads to an irritation without knowing why. It can be sweating which reminds me of the feeling of my hot skin not being able to leave my bed, which leads to a sadness, or just numb. The ‘why me’ phase is accompanied by the sadness and grief for all those who didn’t have the same turn around as you. The guilt is being the one who did. Anger is why the F did it ever get this bad? Anger for being misdiagnosed so many damn times, not once, not twice, not 3 times, countless times.

Why did I have to suffer so badly to find reprieve? Why was I not seen SO many times? Why was I not heard? How can I prevent this from happening again and again? I did everything right. There must be something more. WHY!?

Acceptance, healing.

I share to heal, I share to help others navigate their own pain, I share to live out my purpose. I share to surrender all of these feelings to a higher power. I can’t carry them with me, no one should. I smile because I am here, to give you a glimpse into my highs and lows. As I called it, the good, the bad, and the fab.

When I began writing this, it was to speak about my realization. As I’ve been doing a bit more, safe visits, walks, social stimulation – I’m unable to handle as much as I thought. With all of that private inner healing, all of my physical accolades I saw, I craved the day where I could show it off.

I was hit with a swift reminder that I am still very limited. I have limitations I didn’t even know of, and thanks to all of my learning, I now know why. Things I used to just push through and think were my ‘normal’, I now know the importance of listening to and respecting. I now know how to honour my body. I know the mechanics behind the overstimulation, the symptoms I experience with sounds, my triggers, and how to respond.

So as much as I felt frustrated, my ego loudly saying “we worked this hard only to have the same outcome?!” I had to ground myself and remind how far I’ve come. Which is what led me to the blog I first shared at the beginning of this post. If you missed it, you can read it here.

I’m not running a marathon anytime soon but I made it to the water without the help of my wheelchair today and I haven’t done anything ‘crazy’ like that in a long time! 

I made it to the water

The reason why I wanted to share this is because we’re far too hard on ourselves and we don’t celebrate the small stuff. I’ve come such a long way and I don’t ever recognize some major milestones even though they may seem like small ones. It’s about time we realize things like this may not come around again. So celebrate EVERYTHING!

Although I shared this a couple of years ago, my words resonate with me more than ever today. So rather than focus on what didn’t happen, or the things I couldn’t do, or can’t do, I’m going to re-focus on the things I can. I’m going to focus on the fact that I GET to do all of these things, it’s give and take.

Leaving my safe space means I will have to be over-prepared, and yes I will feel it afterward. My body will go in a flare if I eat something it doesn’t like, I can flare when there’s too much excitement, too many voices, or just a smell that I can’t tolerate. I will be in pain when doing anything out of my norm.

Before, all of the same things would have happened… but I’d have no idea WHY or what to do in response. Now I’m aware, and able.

I’m so proud of how far I’ve come. I didn’t have to do any of the work I’ve done to help myself, but I chose to. Just as I choose to wake up every day and feel so happy. Just as I choose to to be my own best advocate. I choose to thrive. I am grateful, for knowing my limits and for those around me who care enough to get to know them as well.

When I look back and read some of my previous blog posts, like this one – I can’t help but smile. As I write this with warm happy tears on my cheek, I’m smiling. I smile as I remember all of the trauma I’ve endured, but chose to be happy anyway. I smile when I remember how badly I wanted others to feel less alone when I myself felt so lonely. I smile because I wrote my blog to share my story as a comfort for those who are experiencing similar circumstances, yet here I am being reminded of how far I’ve come

On Jan 3rd, 2019 I wrote “I have a long road ahead of me, but as long as I keep smiling, I’m sure my fabulous can get through anything

My words act as a reminder to me today, and more than ever – I am hoping the same for you

Pheo VS Fabulous

“Listen to your body”…?

“Listen to your body”…?

Hello? Body? I’m listening! you did WHAAAAT?!

I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase, probably hundreds of times. Although it is great advice – what does it actually mean?!

There’s a lot of different ways this phrase is interpreted, most of us associate it with rest. When your body is sending you cues to slow down or some time for self care. That’s all true, but what about all the other important aspects of it?

There’s a lot more to it than you’d think. Most of us with chronic disease are in tune with what’s normal and what’s alarming.

Your body will let you know”

Most people when recalling a diagnosis story, they’ll tell you that golden advice. They will say “your body will let you know, you just have to listen to it” so what does that really mean? What are we listening to or looking for? Do we run to the doctor each time we have a funny pain?

Well that depends, first, you need to get to know your body.

no one knows your body better than you”

Not all of us are in tune with our bodies, especially if you’ve never had a major health condition. We can brush off a lot of symptoms because we’re unsure of their importance. So I’m going to give you some tips and explain a bit more of what to be looking for

In order to get to know your body, you have to start listening to it. If you have a normal every day pain level of 2, take note of that. If you’re someone who has no pain at all, take note of that too. If you’re a woman, take note of what your breasts feel like, on and off your period. Get to know your smells, if you normally don’t have a perspiration smell or do. Do you often get headaches or is it unusual for you? Do your eyes twitch when you’re tired, or all the time? Is your skin very dry? Always or just sometimes? How’s your mental state? Are you a very anxious person or very calm? Always tired or full of energy?

These are just random examples, but you get the idea. We have to get a baseline idea of what our bodies normally do in order to know when it’s giving us cues. Or in some cases, alarm bells.

It’s pretty normal for most people to have the odd symptom here and there, it’s typically nothing to be alarmed about.

When I start to become more alert is when I experience a new symptom that I’ve never had before or haven’t had for a very long time. I take note, and I follow it to see if it’s getting worse or becoming consistent.

I break down the urgency by persistent or consistent. If you’re experiencing the same symptom over and over again, that’s when your body is really trying to tell you something.

If I’m experiencing a symptom that’s worsening, that’s when I’m making a trip to the doctor.

Why is it important to listen to your body?

If not you, then who will?

Going back to when people are diagnosed, later when they recount their story, they remember certain cues or things that were off. They recall things their body was doing that perhaps didn’t seem like such a big deal at the time. I can’t tell you when something is urgent, because everyone is different. I can tell you to listen and try to judge with the best of your knowledge.

I can also tell you that if something impairs your daily life or capabilities, it’s not to be ignored.

I’ll give you some examples of things I personally take note of and how I deal with them.


If my headaches become more frequent, I start to take note. It’s not for nothing, but it can be due to lack of sleep, or stress. If they become more frequent and severe, that’s when I’ll bring it up at my appointment.

Energy levels and fatigue: if I’m sleeping well, and doing all the right things – yet I’m still exhausted… I’ll take note of it.

Perspiration: if it changes or has a different smell, I take note of it. Hormones can change the way your body smells, so it’s good to know the differences.

Abdominal pain: There can be so many different types of pain, I for one experience pain on a daily basis for numerous reasons. So I take note of the level, the location, and the frequency. Is it linked to an activity? A food? Is it the same pain? How would I label it?

Skin changes: I used to think this wasn’t a big deal. “My skin is just dry because of winter”, or “I just have dry skin”. That may sometimes be the case, yes, but I’ve also had major skin changes to alert me of my thyroid changing, and my cortisol levels depleting. Many issues in our body lead to a hormone imbalance, so it’s important to be aware of the trends.

Hair loss: it’s normal to lose a few strands of hair in your brush, and in the shower. However when you’re losing clumps, getting bald spots, and it just falls out without brushing or washing, it’s a cause for concern.

Brain fog: some of us can get a bit foggy when we’re overwhelmed or not sleeping enough. However, brain fog is also a major symptom of many illnesses. It can also be caused by medications. For me personally, I take note and try to link it to a specific cause so I can deal with it IF possible.

Bloating: this can be a major issue for some of us, it can be something that needs to modified in your diet. That’s the first thing I try to take note of by trying to link it to a food intolerance. Next I will make note of the severity, does it happen after eating? Does it happen out of no where? Is it painful? Does anything help it?

Mood changes: first thing I ask myself is if it falls under my normal reaction or trends. I label the feeling, try to link it to something, and if not I ask myself if it’s related to lack of self care. If it’s really an irrational random reaction, I take note because it’s typically linked to something more important.

I could probably go on for a while with the types of symptoms I feel, but you get the picture. First take note of what it is, then try to keep an eye on the trends. Frequency, severity, and description. If you’re someone with a lot of different symptoms, it’s best to take note of the ones that stick around or are particularly painful.

Once you have your baseline of what’s ‘normal’ to you, you can then start listening for the alarm bells and cues.

Remember, often it IS a gentle reminder to take it easy, slow down, get some rest. However the only way to know is to be in tune with your body, that’s when you can begin to really listen to what it’s trying to tell you.

When I make note of all of these things, I generally try to make changes in my control to see if anything helps. If nothing changes or it becomes worse, I will talk to my doctor, get some labs done, and see what kind of plan we can come up with based on the results.

You can read how to best prepare for a doctor’s appointment here.

Sending love, unicorn magic, and a whole lot of fabulous your way 🤍✨

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