That’s the only word I have for you today, gross. LOL

OKAY, okay… It’s day 1 of the bone marrow transplant (injections first) – as a reminder to those of you just starting to read, I am transplanting my own marrow in order to be prepared for a high dose Mibg  radioactive therapy incase it kills my bone marrow.. I’ll have some for later, you know for a rainy bone marrow-less day.

So we got up at 4:30am, I consider this a good start because my pheo tumors aren’t as angry with me today, my cortisol doesn’t seem as hungry, and I’m all fab for my bone marrow injection. What more could I possibly ask for?! ☺️

Well, my husband sang the miss America song as I walked down the stairs… I guess there really is more I could ask for 💁🏻💏

I will be getting the very first injection today – to help ‘stimulate’ my stem cells.  😆 Then once Serge has seen how to do it, he will be responsible for the ridiculously expensive injections for the next two days, and we all know how much he loves giving me injections… and then Monday morning … The collection process starts. That’s the super fun part where I get to actually sit in the machine for 6-7 hours each day and have my blood and stem cells separated, with a big tube in my neck. It’s going to be A-MAZING!

For now we will start with these super painful injections – bring on the bone pain!

It’s way too early for this much sarcasm, I promise it’s all good natured, I’m smiling as I’m writing this. I have nothing better to do on my 3 hour drive 😈💉

Enjoy your day, be good to your bones, eat your vegetables, and do something kind 💗✌🏼️

Pheo VS Fabulous


  1. I’ve a T-shirt says, “Sarcasism served all day” and if anyone is allowed you are. I’m not looking forward to your next four days or the week after that so you are holding up a very brave front. You might need to add a new garment to your wardrobe: “Radioactive” and maybe you can get to the front of lines!
    Keep writing. I’m here wanting to hear your story. Love, Cathy


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