“Couple speaking out after psychologist coaches husband to try and kill terminally ill wife”


5 thoughts on ““Couple speaking out after psychologist coaches husband to try and kill terminally ill wife”

  1. Miranda my name is Maria. i met you in cancun a couple o weeks ago. I was shocked by your moving story! I hooe you beat this horrible disease. Send regards to your husband it was a pleasure meeting you both. I will pray for you.

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  2. Miranda, I find that deeply disturbing. It is hard enough finding answers to our rare cancer but I’ve never heard the advice your husband was given. In Oregon we do have “Death with Dignity” but it is the patient who needs to get two different doctors to sign off on it in order to make sure it is the Patient’s decision. I’m sorry you had to endure this as well.


  3. Miranda, thank you, as always — for your bravery and being willing to share your experience with others.

    A couple of years ago, I was diagnosed with Pheo, through a private research initiative. After the imaging came back (I had three days of it), I was told that “[I was] a cancer cluster” and that among the types of masses and tumors that they found — i.e.: paragangliomas, they found a very large, very rare one, called Pheochromocytoma in/on my right adrenal gland.

    The head oncologist gave me some web links, including your blog, and told me to read through all of your posts to date, and in two days we would meet again to discuss. I saved your page for last, but when I started reading it, I knew immediately why they had sent me.

    Let me stop here to say… YOU ARE AMAZING!!!

    I admit, it was tough to read though. I was still in shock. And it’s tough to live in a near-constant state of fight-or-flight and chronic dehydration issues, but you throughout my journey, you became my anchor. You made it all bearable.

    My relatives still don’t understand it. At the time, I felt like I was being abandoned; I wasn’t getting any help — as if they couldn’t understand what it was, so they just turned their backs. It was all so surreal. I was tumbling down the rabbit-hole, faster and faster, my mind could barely keep up.

    But you were there.

    There was one person who knew the thoughts I was having, who knew the symptoms I was describing — how deeply troubling it all is. In my darkest moments, when I thought my fingernails would let go, and release me from this earth, I knew there was one person out there, who knew the depths of my suffering.

    And you were surviving. If you could do it, I could, too.

    I wasn’t a candidate for chemo, radiation, steroids, immune suppression, or surgery. So I recognized that your suffering had even worse aspects that I would never know. Sometimes, I think the hardest parts of having people, I did not experience.

    I’ve attempted to write you a message, many times, but have had to abandon my efforts — every time — because the intensity always triggered severe pheo episodes, and I’d have to bail before finishing.

    But I just want you to know that it was your continuing posts that got me through. However different our experiences have been, I want you to know that I realize what it takes for you to even get on here and post about things that are so emotionally charged that they create adrenal surges that we don’t need.

    You’re an inspiration and a Godsend. Hang in there. Don’t let this bring you down. I’ve seen many people write new chapters, long after they’ve been told it’s their last. Me included.

    Sending love…

    Paula Kozinn


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