Simple tasks are often the most challenging..

Remember how I told you the importance of staying fabulous?

I may have forgot that sometimes my pheo outnumbers me, eight to one. 

Can you imagine just showering is difficult? Lifting your arms to wash your hair? Bending slightly to towel off the water on yourself?

Lately everything seems like I have weights attached to me when it comes time to do a monotonous task that I’ve been doing all of my life, I should be an expert. 

That won’t stop me though, enter: greatest husband of all time

Scene 1, action! 

Me: sitting quietly in my barbie room drying my hair, just simply getting ready as I do most days

I’m suddenly hit with an incredible amount of adrenaline, I can no longer lift my blowdryer, let alone continue to do anything remotely involving strength or I may vomit. 

My hero saves the day, my unexperienced husband comes in and offers to finish my hair. 

“Hot rollers and all?” :O

This is a simple task to me, something I do every single day, and I just can’t continue. It’s a shitty feeling to say the least.

This may seem like a miniscule detail to some of you, but ask a man to do your hair who has about as much experience styling one’s hair as I have changing a tire and see how it makes you feel inside. My insides felt like a Burberry 70% off sale, (a girl can dream)

This significant act of kindness made me feel like less of a sick person who couldn’t do her own hair, and more like a superstar who’s having her hair done by the love of her life who’s putting on a brave face just for my benefit.

That’s enough for me to smile, and sometimes that is all that matters

See the finished product: I was impressed!!!



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