The honeymoon is ending


May I just say that I absolutely hate surgery prep? I have to think about an internal invasion of my body in less than a month… AND I am required to make further effort by preparing for such event.

In order to lower my chances of my blood pressure and heart rate misbehaving during surgery, I must now fill my body with special drugs that are more potent and longer lasting than the traditional alpha blockers used for blood pressure. The drug of choice, phenoxybenzamine.

Otherwise known as, nemesis number two. (#1 being my little grenade tumors inside of me, of course)

During my first pheo, I wasn’t given this super power alpha blocker, because it’s not typically used in Canada. It’s not even approved by Health Canada, hello.. back to awareness! My endocrinologist had to request special permission to use the drug on me. (Is it weird that I felt kind of cool?) ha!

So the main concern is that going on this powerful blood pressure medication can also work too effectively. Making an opposite reaction, lovely right? I have to say I was expecting more! I was so concerned my blood pressure would drop super low and not be able to function, yet lately I’ve still been having spikes and my adrenaline attacks are getting worse.

My tumors are becoming more difficult to control, and I am definitely feeling their rath!

I may end up being admitted to the hospital earlier than the surgery to monitor me due to the increased activity of the adrenaline hormones. *Fingers crossed they have lovely sheets and a great view* ๐Ÿ˜‰

So I am essentially starting to feel close to the worst I have ever felt with pheo, the attacks are stealth like… quick and painful. They are harder to predict and more aggressive.

From honeymoon…to divorcing these lethal tumors, I can finally say that although nervous as hell.. I’m surprisingly beginning to feel excitement for my surgery, here’s to hoping I dominate in this divorce proceeding!


Whoever else is on phenoxybenzamine currently, bless your soul! Anyone who has to experience the everyday agony of your angry tumors, PLUS tack on nausea, dizziness, a weakness that is basically debilitating, all without complaining? You are a dirty rotten liar (lolol)

Tomorrow I get to see the new super hospital I will be treated at from now on, it just opened yesterday, woo! *More on the new super hospital in my next post*

I will also have to take a new drug tomorrow, but don’t worry.. the LESS serious side effects are only headaches, drowsiness, hallucinations, confusion, vomiting and stomach pain, and a nice dry mouth. I would hate to ask what the ‘more’ serious side effects are … ๐Ÿ˜›

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have more details on my timeline and I’ll update you guys on the beautiful new hospital, here’s to hoping for the Rolls Royce of hospitals!

True to my style, I have dedicated my days that I don’t feel like a zombie adrenaline monster to shopping for the cutest hospital wear and supplies, more on that soon my fellow fabulous friends!

Stay tuned…

Pheo VS Fabulous


  1. Aww good luck even though this blog was last year. I’ve just realized you’re in Canada. Whoop whoop. I am in the UK now but I was diagnosed in Canada, 3 ops later I’m still here. โ˜บ

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  2. I’m loving reading all of your comments Kat ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ˜Š and your blog as well xo – will be reading more tomorrow once I wake up. How are you doing currently?


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