The date we have all been waiting for: May 21st

I’m so used to counting down the days for my birthday, christmas, anniversary, vacation, basically any event that I get gifts. (haha) Am I kidding…?

Surgery day my friends, the day has come.

My candid advice to cope with insurmountable stress? Go to the spa, (obviously) and smile every single day.

The next sixteen days will be an interesting ride, sh*t gets real when they give you a date.

A date that can mean so many different things; a day to overcome your fears, another scar to mark your ongoing fight with something that is bigger than you, a day that will make you even stronger than you ever thought possible.

This year approximately around that time, I would be marking the anniversary of my five year pheo free mark (and of course enjoying the May long weekend drinking awesome drinks and eating awesome food and overall just soaking up the awesomeness) – mean girls reference for those of you living under a rock


Although life will never go as planned, I am certain that the most difficult times are neccessary to fully appreciate the good you are given.

What’s that famous saying? What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger? Well call me the hulk because I sure as hell am not giving up just yet.

Pheo VS Fabulous

#mirandastrong #pheovsfabulous #pheoawareness

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