Laughter IS the best medicine

Laughter IS the best medicine

Laughter doesn’t come without side effects, like any medicine it has it’s down sides. Feeling like a did an ab-work out, excessive eye watering (hello eyeliner?!) and facial flushing are just some of them.

I’ll take laughter as my medicine every single day 😛

With only twelve days to go until I’m admitted, I have this incessant force that is driving me to cram every single little thing in before!

These things are not what you’re thinking… I can pack and prepare for the hospital the day before, I’m talking about the fun stuff! Laughing until you cry with great friends, going for a fancy picnic just because, taking a total ‘me’ day at the spa (haha that’s everyday) Let’s be real, I do these things all the time anyways! However they suddenly have a new weight to them, like they are symbolic of something..but I don’t want to think about that.

Either way, I plan for these next twelve days to be even MORE fabulous than my usual self, let’s see if the old ball and chain will keep up with me (my stupid pheos)

First stop, have best friends over and laugh until you cry as I mentioned above. Follow me for the rest of my adventure leading up to the black site. Let’s call it that, make it a little mysterious and bad sounding.


Pheo VS Fabulous

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