One more week

imageWhat do you do when you only have one more week until  admitted into the hospital and have major surgery?

Re-decorate, obviously! 😂

I am so freakin excited, this may be not be the conventional way of dealing with things… but who ever said I’m conventional?!

So my thinking is…. I am going to be trapped in my room for the bulk of my time, and it’s so boring looking at something everyday that you’re totally used to. I just HAVE to change it, and what better than surrounding myself with a beautiful beach? This past season I missed my beloved cancun trip which we do every year, so I’m going to transform my room into that heavenly oasis I miss so much!

It’s going to be so fabulous, like a high end beach resort! YAY!

Of course I won’t be doing the heavy lifting, haha! I’ve felt like…… Well, a sick person. lol, I don’t know why I feel such a need to be ‘normal’ – I have realized this past week that I just need to accept that I’m ill, and I don’t always have to be 100% to be myself. So to distract myself from all the bad, I decided that making my bedroom into a fab beach house feel will make me feel better! Did I tell you I love change? I get bored of things before I even change them 😆 my husband LOVES that! 🙊

Stay tuned for my fab re-design for my at home hospital paradise! 😉💗

So let’s see how this goes! 5 days to complete the transformation! 7 days to go for the hospital, YUCK! Thank god for distractions ✌️🌈

Pheo VS Fabulous


  1. I totally love it!…… Good on you Girl….what a fabulous idea….but of course you would want to do that!……pictures please! ❤


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