Four more … Wait really?!

Mmmmhmmm, you heard right, four more measly days until I go into the hospital.

Oh em gee!

So as you know from my last post I decided that I wanted my bedroom to be re-decorated. Who knew these things took time? Time that I don’t feel like I have, so it’s kind of stressing but will be all worth it once I’m in a beach paradise when I return from the hospital.

I really thought I would be taking on the world in my last couple of weeks before being admitted, I figured I would have a couple bad days and that’s it.

Okay, let me sum this up… I could not even muster up the strength to go to the spa, my favorite place in the world. Seriously, I’m not kidding.

I can’t imagine having more than eight tumors, when I had just one I was severely under attack… Now that I have eight, it’s like my body is under siege everyday, approximately every hour on the hour I’ve been having the most excruciating attacks. I have a new added feeling during my recent attacks, like my heart is trying to pump cement? Yuck.

So tomorrow I have to go back to Montreal again for the last time before I go in for real, my surgeons want to see me I suppose to discuss last minute details before surgery. I’m not a big fan of hearing the plan of action, because I’m only twenty four they want to be aggressive to give me more time. I didn’t even choose aggressive when it came to my RRSPs! 😂 I wish we could just be conservative and have the same outcome, but Cancer is not a paper you fill out where the worst thing that happens is you lose some money. Oh how I wish that was the only thing I’m up against!

It is strange not knowing exactly what the plan is, they can’t solidify an exact approach until they open me up and see what’s in there. Weird, right?!

I will update here after my appointment tomorrow to share what the approach is going to be in the meantime. 😷

My new bedroom should be done by Saturday, will post pics! 💕


Pheo VS Fabulous

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