I will be healing in style! 😍

Remember earlier in the week when I decided I really really had to have my bedroom re-decorated?! HA! Well, it’s finished!!!

Can I just say….


I know I say Serge is just amazing so often, but I’m telling you….. he IS amazing! πŸ’œ Being married to me is not an easy task, and keeping up with all of the ideas in this vessel is nearly impossible… Unless your name is Serge and you love a crazy woman named Miranda 😜

It is my last night home, I’m freaking out and super nervous but now I’m totally distracted which is exactly what I wanted. Tomorrow we will check into the hotel, and Monday I will officially be at the mercy of the new Montreal superhospital. I also start ANOTHER pre op treatment tomorrow, which is full of promise to make me feel as icky as you can imagine. However… none of it matters because I’m so so happy about my brand new healing bedroom which will become my sanctuary once I’m home! Woo woo!

On a side note… Can we just talk about packing? Oh my goodness, the struggle is real my friends!

“I wonder if people will judge me for having two suit cases”

“I wonder how people pack less than I do”

“I can’t imagine not having my lotion, soap, facial wash, body wash, shampoo and conditioner, hairspray, leave in conditioner, brush, comb, makeup, straightener, blow dryer, all color coordinated slippers, matching pajamas, matching robes, cute and comfy tshirts, cute yoga pants, cute sweaters, my own comforter, iPad, headphones … Etc etc”

I can go on and on people!

I feel like this is totally warranted, I dont want to be without my simple comforts! πŸ™† Do you agree with my insanity?!

Okay okay, time for before and afters of my amazing new room!

My brand new lifestyle base was delivered today, it’s hiding under all of the luxuriousness that is my bed! It will lift any way I want it, it will massage me when needed, it will be my bestfriend*

This was before ….










  1. Wow what a phenomenal transformation!….. Serge did an excellent job!……very cozy and comfy!….and of course you would have 2 suitcases! πŸ™‚ would not expect anything less! πŸ™‚ stay strong and fabulous! xoxo


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