I’m outta here!

It’s a weird feeling, being excited but still being cautious and knowing that this feeling can’t last too long. After about three weeks of my own personal hell, I’ve had my body change once again, added to the collection of war wounds, and made it out a stronger person.

Ten and a half hours, that’s how long it took to debulk the collection of pheo tumors that were ruining my life.

I still have symptoms, from the little guys that are waiting to take over. However they’re not as bad, and that’s what the new advanced radiation treatments are for… Here’s to hoping after I get advanced treatments I can have a tiny slice of peace!

Being discharged is more complicated than I thought, all I could think about was lounging in my bed and healing slowly… Na uh! I have about three appointments per week, all of which are over an hour away.

I am unfortunately not leaving unscathed, we all know the pain that surgery causes. I expected it to be the worst pain of my life, and it has lived up to that lol, but I also have a pulmonary embolism. Which is a blood clot in the lungs, it’s obviously dangerous and not ideal but it was a huge surgery and I’m lucky to be here.

I had no idea that treatment for a pulmonary embolism was so long and detailed, like a year long! Crazy, right! I’ll have to go get poked twice a week every week for a while, to re test my blood levels. I also have to respect a diet which doesn’t allow for much vitamin K, which is basically in everhthing green and healthy, kind of my life. I’m kind of scared of wakkng around with blood clots that can move and all of a sudden do major damage, let’s hope that my treatment is super good. I feel like I should sit in one spot and not move just to be safe 😂 just kidding.

My goodness, a long road ahead, a lot more treatment and tests but this is my new life and I’m going to some how find a way to make it fabulous.

Pheo VS Fabulous

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