Crash and burn

So it seems my mystery cortisol crash on Friday was not going to be an isolated event.

It happened again on Saturday, just like Friday. I woke up, had my lemon water, watched a bit of tv, and started falling unconscious. Serge forced me some steroids into my mouth, I managed to crawl upstairs, go to bed. Sleep it off, feel a bit better. By evening, I went to visit my parents, had dinner, and by the time we went to leave, it happened again. Lovely. A nice way to finish the evening.

Sunday, wake up, lemon water, tv, unconscious, steroids, sleep, repeat.

Fast forward a few hours, it happens again.

Becoming unconscious every few hours for no reason is not ideal.

This is very inconvenient 😂

Back to the hospital we go 👯

The life of adrenal insuffiency, and pheochromocytoma cancer ✌🏼️ The struggle is REAL!


One comment

  1. I’m so sorry the symptoms came back again. Very few get how intense these episodes are. I’m sorry you are going through them again and again. Thanksgiving has not been kind to me or a number of those on my support site with digestion/anxiety dysfunctions. Of my core support group 3 out of 4 are in hospital today hoping for digestion disfunction issues. I really want to bridge a DNA gap between our diseases and our symptoms and your posts help me know I’m not alone and we can push this research forward because we need it NOW.


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