Interview – ‘Fabulous Despite The Odds’

Fabulous Despite The Odds

I’d like to take a moment to thank every person who has taken the time to read my story here, followed my blog, reached out to me, expressed such kind words.

I have had the ultimate pleasure of sharing my story with the hospital that is responsible for keeping me alive, and although it will not be officially published until January in the magazine, and then again in spring – I couldn’t keep it a secret any longer! (Patience is not one of my strengths)

I was honored to be asked to participate in an  interview which highlights my ongoing fight with this rare form of metastatic pheochromocytoma cancer, the incredible efforts the MUHC is making to treat my very rare case, my amazing endocrinologist who I normally refer to as my “super Doctor” on my blog is finally unveiled and speaks from his point of view in treating my disease.

The article most importantly focuses on what matters to me most, staying fabulous.

“Fabulous is your light, your smile, your energy, your positivity, your willfulness, your vitality, passion, excitement, beauty, laugh, and how you share it!” – Pheo VS Fabulous

Click the link below to read the article!

Fabulous Despite The Odds

A special thank you to Patricia who captured ‘my fabulous’ perfectly through her excellent interviewing, writing, and helping me spread awareness while I am fighting for my life. I cannot thank you enough for your patience, warmth, and kindness.

Doctor Rivera, you literally keep me alive. I think I will continue to call you super doctor, I am so beyond grateful every day that you answered my unconventional email and took my case. I’m certain I am still here today because of you. You go above and beyond every day to keep me safe, stabilized, and out of danger, as difficult as that is with the severity of my disease. Nothing is ever overlooked, and I always have the strength to remain positive in the worst of situations because of your expertise.

Doctor Metrakos, you and your team of surgeons are actual miracle workers. My fight against pheo would not be the same without your incredibly skilled hands, super sharp minds, and of course your scalpel 😉

Everyone in endocrinology: considering I’m there ALL the time 😄 it wouldn’t be the same without your positive energy and wonderful attitudes each time we come, you make every appointment such a pleasant experience.

To every nurse who’s held my hand, comforted me in the middle of the night, carefully changed my dressings, encouraged me to walk, been the only one there at 4am when I was crying in pain and just literally did nothing but be there for me, I can’t thank you enough times from the bottom of my heart.

Nuclear medicine, radiology, I know how many times you’ve had to inject me with dye, radioactive potions, see my insides on the screen, you know me inside and out 😂 And I can honestly say that when we have driven three and a half hours to get there and I’ve been in extreme pain, and you guys have done everything possible to see me sooner, get me a bed, put a pillow underneath my legs, those things don’t go unnoticed, it’s what makes you the best hospital. It’s why you’re a “super hospital”. It’s why you guys are the best.

Thank you doesn’t even begin to cut it… having cancer isn’t fabulous, it isn’t fun, it isn’t nice – but every single one of you certainly make it a little less awful, and a lot more fabulous 💛



  1. That is Fabulous!…that is you!… proud of you!……. to know you are helping people around the world with your journey!…is beyond spectacular and is absolutely fabulous Love you! ❤


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