Time Limit…

Today was D-day, October Tenth.

A day we’ll never forget, but have no desire to remember.

Diagnosis Day. The day I was just days away from celebrating my 24th birthday and told I would only celebrate maximum 1-5 more.
The day my husband was told he would no longer have a wife, the day our lives would turn upside down… and never turned back around.

I’ll be celebrating my 27th birthday in one week, year 3 


I wrote this a year and a half ago, I’ve been through a life of treatments, clinical trials, so much more pain, chemo injections, my body has been through so many emergencies… but we’re still here, and we’re not fighting cancer.

We’re living with cancer, every day, every moment.

We’re doing it fabulously.

You haven’t seen me around because that’s exactly what I’m trying to do, live.

I said I wouldn’t live with death hanging over me, I don’t, not most days – my goal was to help as many people as I can with this disease. That’s what Pheo VS Fabulous does, it provides information where there isn’t any, and I’ve been able to meet so many incredible people and help find the tools or advocate for a diagnosis.

This is what gives me joy, fulfillment, and no bucket list item could ever feel better than someone letting me know that my blog has helped them in some way come to a diagnosis after struggling to figure out what’s wrong with them after so many months/years/etc… you have NO idea what that means to me! ❤

So what I’ve realized is, even if I can’t take a shower by myself, or climb that flight of stairs… if I can help change a life or just make a little impact – I have to be pretty grateful for what I’m doing with my time, even if I don’t have a lot of it.. even if I feel sometimes I’m restricted due to my condition, there’s so much you can do without even knowing it!

I waited until the end of this day to share because today is still an emotional day, but I did want to share something with all of my fab friends.. & just say Thank You for continuing to be with me on this journey – hopefully I’ll be around a LOT longer!

Love you all so very much,

Pheo VS Fabulous

Read below, (time limit)

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  1. Happy birthday Miranda! May I suggest something you may not have considered at this point? But I also want to frame the suggestion and not offend you at the same time, so hopefully here goes! Have you considered using FECO at any point? Full Extract Cannabis Oil has been shown to reduce pain in a big way and MANY people claim a cure from its use over time from a very wide range of conditions. Maybe you could check this out?


  2. Good to hear from you. I was diagnosed ON my birthday 10/12/15. Definitely put a damper on it but hey here we are celebrating another one!!


  3. Hi i have a maligant Paraganglioma symptoms since 1 year
    Panic attacks every day with chest pain bp 200/120 heavy weight loss headache and all the other symptoms
    My tumor produce only Noradrenaline


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