This is Cancer.

How do you tell the ones you love… something you can’t begin to explain yourself”

I moved into my dream home 22 days ago

Twenty two days of contemplation and careful thought of how I was going to share this, or whether or not I would. I’ve always said I would share the good, the bad, and the fab.

I thought I would have so much to celebrate with my move, my clinical trial finishing… so many triumphs.

…But Cancer doesn’t work that way.

I couldn’t write this.

I want you to see what we live through in between treatments, not just during, I want you to see the hope, the pain… the before, middle, the after.

This is why Pheo VS Fabulous exists.



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Pheo VS Fabulous has reached so many people around the world, my dream is it will continue to do so. 🌎 Please keep sharing, keep following, each time you do it’s one more person who is diagnosed sooner, or who finds hope 💫

I never want anyone to have to feel what I feel – Pheo vs Fabulous

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  1. In what world does Miranda give up? Every time something happens to me or someone I love I think to myself “if Miranda can go through what she’s going through ANYTHING is possible and there’s HOPE”

    Words cannot express how angry I am right now and i don’t know to express it. Do I punch a wall? Do I throw a fit? Do I wake my wife up to tell her I love her? Miranda is what helps me put lifes little things into perspective and without her fighting wtf is this all for?

    I love you and serge! The story of your love, struggles and constant fight inspire me to be a better person. YOU KEEP ON FIGHTING MIRANDA…..DONT YOU FUCKING GIVE UP ON US

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  2. You beautiful amazing lady. You have a huge network who will help you with having hope. We will all shower you with our collective hope. Give yourself that break you so deserve, after fighting nonstop for so long. You are a true inspiration with wisdom far beyond your years. This world needs Miranda. Your love of life and positive attitude must be shared. Anyone’s story can change in a heartbeat and my hope is yours will too. People defeat the odds everyday. You can too! Continue the fight! FUCK CANCER!

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  3. I love you Miranda. I feel you in my soul. Thank you for your honesty and be willing to share with us. Don’t ever forget that you are in the thoughts and prayers of so people. Give your amazing husband a hug from me. Praying for peace and pain free moments.

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