⚠️I’ve never asked any of you to share my posts, but I need this to go VIRAL⚠️

This disease WILL kill me, help me stop having to watch others die from it.

It isn’t easy for me to put my life on display like this,  but it’s important on behalf of everyone living with this rare disease to show you what it is to actually LIVE with pheochromocytoma.

The real unfiltered me. 

The one that begs for it to stop.

The one that is fighting so hard to live…

Help me share, for all of those before me who begged, and fought, and are still fighting. Let’s learn about Pheochromocytoma

These past few Days have been too painful for me, I can’t write even write due to the trauma and physical reasons. So, I decided to sum everything up in a video for all of you fighting with me. These Treatments  have been hard, but I also wanted you guys to understand that this is just as much a representation of my daily life- and everyone else’s lives who are going through what I am.

Disclaimer: this song is NOT my own

💞 SONG – ‘sia: salted wound’ 💞

So, here it is. A very personal look at my life with the disease that keeps me from being the fabulous I want to be

Fabulous is your light, your smile, your energy, your positivity, your willfulness, your vitality, passion, excitement, beauty, laugh, and how you share it! – Pheo VS Fabulous

My mission statement for this journey was to stay fabulous, never let it take this disease that away from me, and to find the good in every situation. Well, I can lose many pieces of me before anyone takes my ‘Fabulous’.

All my love.



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3 thoughts on “PHEO VS EVERYDAY: SHARE!

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  3. From the time you came to my home at age 14 I think I could see you were a a girl who couldn’t be kept down. Keep fighting g sweetheart, you are in my thoughts.

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