OMG, spiders everywhere!

OMG, spiders everywhere!

Barbie picnic day sort of reminded me of Barbie yacht day, you have dreams of something cute, relaxing, and full of sunshine and instead you get 8ft waves and fish blood. Well, that time anyways! This time I was genuinely surprised to find so much…well, nature. Gross! Okay okay, although the scenery was absolutely fabulous, and it was quite a nice place to visit… it did not meet the requirements of having a picnic.

Keeping in mind, for those of you who know it.. we were at Bates Island, which is far from any sort of wilderness-like fortress (or so we thought!)

Enter: groundhog throwing me major shade, followed by super aggressive geese getting all up in our grill


It may sound quite lovely to most of you, wildlife surrounding you while you have a wonderful picnic. Well, I would have agreed… until the spiders attacked. This is not just one or two, this was like.. an army of spiders. An army just waiting for us to unload ALL of our picnic supplies so they could invade my perfectly happy barbie day. GAME OVER, let’s take this beautiful spread to somewhere we know and love…

My fabulous home oasis!


God, why didn’t we think of this to begin with? 😉 Okay so it’s kind of cheating to have your picnic in your own backyard, but whoever actually ENJOYS being violated by the predators of nature needs to just give their head a shake, I’m kidding.. kinda.

Days like these just allow me to be so thankful. I rarely feel well enough to be able to do these sorts of things, even though they are meant to be fun and relaxing, for me it’s physically taxing and can feel like small defeats not being able to do something so normal and calming.

The best part of my day was seeing Serge so happy to basically see me as my normal self. It was the first time in a long time that I could see a sense of calm wash over him, and people often forget how difficult it is for the people closest to you. They feel helpless not being able to fix you, and you feel defeated not being able to feel better so they don’t feel bad. It’s an endless cycle, which is why it’s best to just enjoy days like today, days that fill you with joy and restore your outlook.

Twelve more days until I’m admitted, and I plan on using every minute of them doing something fabulous!

Here are some photos Serge took with his fancy camera I got him last year, be prepared for a whole lot of fab! 😛





image image

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