Leaving today…

Oh hey guys 👋🏼

You may have to do a slight refresher from my last post, but otherwise I’m going to keep it short. I will definitely go more in detail about what’s to come soon…

I’m just so exhausted and can barely keep my eyes open while I’m typing and covered in my favorite fuzzy blankets and every pink and purple unicorn pillow/stuffed animal I own



To where you ask? To do what you might be wondering? We will get to all of that!

First off, I’m kind of sorry and not sorry for dropping off the planet for a little while. Since I’ve started at home chemo that is EVERYDAY, twice a day, it’s a bit hard to want to then blog about cancer when you have very little left to give. What I did have left, I ended up having to use to prepare for the upcoming cancer CLINICAL TRIAL 👏🏼  Yes, that’s a whole lot of cancer. Which we will get more into when I have more time/energy. So you can see why I am sooooo sleepy 😴😷😪

Remember back when we discussed doing the first clinical trial? The very exclusive nuclear scan that was only being done on a limited group of people to see if their tumors would light up and be eligible for ANOTHER clinical trial?

Basically, it was a special scan to see if you could participate in another form of radiation type therapy. Well… Here’s a recap of everything.

So I did that, and passed the test! My tumors lit up, lots of them, so… That means I can have the special radiation called PRRT radiotherapy. (Similar to what I did back in January, the MIBG radiotherapy) but still different.

Don’t worry, I’ll be writing all about this when I’m not so depleted.

I just wanted everyone to know what was happening so far. This week has been very overwhelming, everything has been so last minute, we were informed of my acceptance within a few days of admittance, and all I can say is how grateful I am to not be a beginner at this whole treatment thing. This last minute…. We would be FREAKING out way more, but we’re veterans, so we’re only freaking out on the inside….. A little…. Ha

-This morning we left, today is a hours and hours full of travel where we will eventually make it to our hotel and check in, and spend our last night together  😰😝

– Tomorrow (Monday) I unfortunately get checked into the hospital, alone. A new unknown hospital….! 😳🏥

(I have to start getting prepped with special meds, since the treatment will make my pheo tumors angry. Hopefully by being admitted into the hospital and being prepped with special medications, this will lessen my chances of complications)

– Tuesday @ 7:30am I begin to get prepped for treatment ⚗☠

-Tuesday @ 9am treatment commence! 🎉✨☠

The rest of the week is unknown, I do know I will be less radioactive this time in comparison to last time’s treatment. Which means I shouldn’t be isolated as long.

That’s all for now.

Will share more about our previous trip to Quebec City to prep for the trial, acceptance, and WHAT IS PRRT?

Until then…

Stay fab



5 thoughts on “Leaving today…

  1. Ahh! I’m so excited/nervous for youuuu!!!! 😲💖 I hate that you’re going to have to be away from Serge, but I know that crazy man is going to find a way to see you! 😂😉

    Love you so much lady!!! I’ll be checking up on you definitely, like, you’ll probably be annoyed, BUT I DON’T CARE!! 😜💕💖💕💖


  2. I’ve read good things about PRRT (which is on my long list to ask my US oncologist on Wednesday) . . . I so hope this treatment is easier than MIBG and that you have excellent responses. Love you my email/cancer colleague and dare I say “friend” . . . OXOXO Cathy Freeman, Ashland, Oregon


  3. Hi Miranda, I’m only just catching up on your news now. This is so great! And this is what my hubby is doing – also known as Lutate therapy yes? He has had a similar journey with the MIBG not working but this has been great at stabilizing his hormone levels. I hope the same is happening for you. x We have done 3 of 4 rounds. One every 8 weeks. He is super tired. I always joke that he’s like a puppy dog. He’ll be fine for an hour saying “I can do this, I can that” and making plans and feeling great. And then he crashes like a puppy and needs to nap for a couple of hours. Anyway, I just wanted to say how great it is that you have access to the same trial. I know you must be so tired so no need to reply, but just wanted you to know we’re thinking of you. x Cath & Uriah from Sydney


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